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Frequently Asked Questions - Dock Accessories

The best dock accessories ensure that you can customize your dock to your exact specifications. Accessories can be added to help your dock perform better, look nicer, or let you do more of what you love on the water. ShoreMaster carries the largest array of fun dock accessories in the industry and has years of waterfront and design expertise to make your dream dock possible. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our lake dock accessories, but our Customer Support Team can help you answer any other questions you might have.



Are installation instructions available for ShoreMaster dock furniture?

Yes: installation instructions for our dock accessories, including dock furniture, can be found on our website. We ask that you follow the installation instructions to avoid getting injured or voiding the warranty on your ShoreMaster boat dock accessories or coordinating products. If you can’t make sense of the directions or have other installation or product questions, ShoreMaster has an excellent Customer Support Team and a local dealer network that you can reach out to for advice.


How are ShoreMaster solar lights mounted to the dock?

ShoreMaster solar dock lights fit inside of ShoreMaster dock frame leg pockets. Because of this, they can be installed in any corner of the dock frame (although the leg posts must be flush with the top of the deck). Like all ShoreMaster accessories, solar dock lights are designed to allow easy, tool-free installation so that you can get onto the water faster. The installation instructions can help you mount them to your boat dock, and local dealers and our Customer Support Team can help you with any further questions.


Are ShoreMaster dock steps adjustable in height?

Yes. ShoreMaster’s dock steps with handrail have an adjustable height for waterfront owners concerned about fluctuating water or changing placement on the water bottom. The 4-step version adjusts from 32 to 44 inches from the lake bottom to the top of the deck; and the 6-step version adjusts from 45 to 57 inches, also from the lake bottom to the top of the deck. The pivoting quick steps are not height adjustable, but a connection splice kit is available to help you connect multiple sets together for added height. Both types of dock steps include instructions to help you make the appropriate adjustments to your water. They’re also both attached by the InfinityTrack system, which makes placement and installation easy no matter where in the water your steps will be.