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A vertical hydraulic boat lift is a vertical boat lift that, rather than relying on cables and pulleys to operate, uses hydraulic cylinders and power to raise and lower your boat. The resulting boat lift system is low-maintenance and hassle-free, with a quick and convenient operation that means getting into and out of the water faster. Hydraulic boat lifts feature push-button operation, which beats manually cranking a wheel no matter how eager you are to set out for a day on the water. Vertical hydraulic lifts are typically used in three to seven-foot water with minor fluctuations with soft, firm, or semi-firm bottom conditions. Yet, they are also good in shallow water conditions generally and are very flexible in where they can go and what they can lift.


Vertical hydraulic boat lifts combine the speed and convenience of hydraulic boat lifts with the flexibility and adjustability to various waterfronts that vertical boat lifts provide. Investing in a vertical hydraulic boat lift is a win-win situation for many types of water. Vertical hydraulic boat lifts are considered one of the best designs compared to traditional boat lifts. They offer the best combination of features you could want in a boat lift for watercraft of just about any size.


A vertical hydraulic system means you won’t have to worry about wear and tear or damage to cables and pulleys. This also means that you have less overall maintenance, which is more convenient and a significant cost savings over the life of your boat and boat lift and a matter of safety. When you get yours through a high-quality manufacturer like ShoreMaster, you know the quality, convenience, and safety will last for years.


The vertical hydraulic boat lifts are designed so that the hydraulic and fluid lines are above the water line: this makes them a more reliable choice that requires less maintenance over time. It also keeps those fluid lines safe from muskrats, beavers, and other wildlife that might try to take a bite out of your system and get fluid in the water (although ShoreMaster uses a biodegradable fluid that’s not harmful to the environment).

Product Highlights


  • Dime-Welded Construction
  • Range of 40 ft with remote
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum housing for the hydraulic power pack
  • 66"-68" Rack Travel
  • Available in capacities of 6,000 - 8,000lbs
  • Bluetooth is Available via LiftTech App
  • Built-In Safeguards - Designed to safe-guard against critical failure, the system pulls cables instead of winding them, eliminating cable fatigue issues. In addition, it’s designed to stall before lifting potentially damaging loads.
  • Rails and Bunks for V-Hulls, Sailboats, and Pontoons
  • Industry's Easiest Assembly & Installation (8-piece design)
  • Greaseable Pins and Pulleys
  • Long-Lasting Cables - ShoreMaster’s Vertical Hydraulic Lift eliminates cable stacking and uses large greaseable plated steel pulleys to increase cable life
  • 12 Year Warranty on the Cables + 15 Years on the Boat Lift Frame

Using Solar Panels to Power Your ShoreMaster Boat Lift System

Utilizing solar panels to power your ShoreMaster boat lift system is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. You can effectively operate your boat lift without relying on grid electricity by harnessing the sun's energy. Solar panels provide a sustainable power source, reducing your environmental footprint while offering independence from traditional power sources. With advancements in solar technology, these panels are now more efficient and durable, making them an ideal choice for powering boat lift systems. Solar-powered boat lifts are also low maintenance, eliminating the need for fuel or regular battery replacements. Overall, integrating solar panels into your ShoreMaster boat lift system not only saves money in the long run but also contributes to a cleaner, greener environment.




Inside Width
Lift Travel
Std. Leg Length
Overall Width
Overall Length
Min. Water Depth.
Canopy Length
5510 VHL PTN 5,500 LBS 120" 66" 36" 132" 175" 5.75" + draft of the boat 23'-33'
6010 VHL 6,000 LB 120" 66" 36" 132" 127" 5.75" + draft of the boat 23'-33'
7010 VHL 7,000 LB 120" 68" 36" 136" 166" 10" + draft of the boat 23'-33'
8010 VHL 8,000 LB 120" 68" 36" 136" 166" 10" + draft of the boat 23'-33'
8011 VHL 8,000 LB 132" 68" 36" 148" 166" 9.5" + draft of the boat 23'-33'



Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a limit switch? – no, not currently offered. When the cylinder is fully retracted it will stop lifting and the pump will change tone. When the cylinder is fully extended, it will stop lowering and change tone.


What is the remote range? Lifttech specifications state 40ft with the remote, 80ft with the Bluetooth app. With a clear line of sight it’s common to get 80ft or more on the remote and over 100ft with the Bluetooth app. Actual range depends on site.


Can the hydraulic pump be mounted on the dock? Yes, hydraulic hose extensions and mounting options will be made available.


Is the battery provided? No, the dealer/customer will need to provide the battery. ShoreMaster recommends the use of a 12V group 27 marine deep cycle battery with a minimum of 500 CCA or reserve capacity of 160 amp hours.

ShoreMaster Vertical Lift

Easy, Hassle Free Installation

Welded construction and premium components provides ShoreMaster Vertical Hydraulic Boat Lift owners the easiest, fastest assembly and installation.


ShoreMaster Vertical Lift

Make Your Lift Work For You

With the right components and accessories our Vertical Hydraulic Boat Lift  can be used with nearly any type of watercraft.


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