Core Principles and Values

These are the core principles upon which ShoreMaster is grounded, guiding what we do and how we do it. They are a reflection of our we are as a company and what we look for in employees, dealers and partners. They guide everything we do - how we interact with our teammates and employees, how we interact with our customers and markets, and how we interact with our vendors and business partners.

As we continue to grow, our processes and procedures may change, but these Values will remain the same.




We Act with Honesty, Responsibility and Dignity. We Strive to Be Better to Do Business With. We Believe in Doing Things Right and Doing the Right Thing.

At ShoreMaster, integrity means consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine interactions with and towards all of our GREAT people – employees, dealers, consumers, vendors, and the community more. We conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable laws. We strive to always deliver our very best in all that we do and hold ourselves accountable for the results. Above all else, we are responsible, honest, and principled.

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We Act in the Best Interest of the Long-Term Success of ShoreMaster. We Plan for A Future that Will Serve Generations to Come.

We do what is best for the long-term in order to ensure ShoreMaster, and those it serves, flourish beyond our current capacity for generations to come. In doing so, we are continuously looking forward, innovating, and improving. We do this while staying true to who we are and to the core competencies of the company. Continuous improvement, succession planning, and a constant pursuit of growth and learning are everyday objectives for our people. Our work is often original in nature as we build an organization that is ready and able to adapt to the changing needs of its customers, the markets we serve and the industry as a whole.



We Strive Every Day to Maintain the Highest Reputation and Service in the Industry. Our Stakeholders Believe in Us.

At ShoreMaster, high standards are a way of life. We have earned a quality reputation in the market and strive every day to push that standard of excellence and service even higher. We offer a steadfastness that our employees, dealers, consumers, vendors and communities can rely on. We pursue excellence in everything that we do, meaning good is never good enough. We hold ourselves and our people accountable for the promises we make, striving each and every day to provide world class-service and products to meet the needs of the markets we serve. People know what to expect from ShoreMaster and we work every day to deliver on the promise our reputation makes.

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We Prioritize the Safety and Well-Being of our GREAT PEOPLE. We Foster an Environment of Safety For All our Employees, Dealers, and Users. We Promote a Positive Attitude Towards Safety.

Our GREAT PEOPLE are our number one priority, as is a commitment to making sure that they go home safely each day. While we strive to always maintain a safe and healthy environment for all employees, safety is the responsibility of the entire team. We look out for one another – at work and on the water. In our facility, all team members adhere to safety standards, laws and regulations, as well as actively participate in and support safe work procedures and practices. We work tirelessly to ensure that our dealers and users are provided safe and reliable product that performs season-after-season.



Our Roots are Teamwork, Humility, and Determination. We are courteous, kind, and believe in treating one another right.

While we strive for excellence in all aspects of our business, we always maintain a quiet humility and modesty about our success. We understand that our accomplishments are the result of passionate collaboration across our people, our dealers, our vendors and our markets. We carry ourselves with a quiet confidence and a deep respect for hard work, perseverance, and collaboration. We don’t turn away from conflict or confrontations but strive for fairness and harmony for our people and those that we serve.

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