Infinity Dock Systems


Take your waterfront experience to the next level with the Infinity Dock System from ShoreMaster. With exclusive curve sections, 9 premium decking options, and InfinityTrack Accessories, the Infinity Dock System is the only system on the market to offer waterfront owners a completely customized boat dock experience. Plus, superior modern craftsmanship, 5-sided dock legs or adjustable dock legs and an exclusive assembly system provide the most effortless boat dock installation as well as exceptional stability. Also learn about the different types of docks.


ShoreMaster Curve Dock with Woodgrain Decking, Furniture, Bench, Pontoon Lift, White Canopy

Customize Your Waterfront: ShoreMaster Dock Builder for Ultimate Waterfront Solutions


Build your dream waterfront with ShoreMaster Dock Builder. Design, customize, and visualize your ideal dock with ease. Explore endless configuration options and bring your vision to life. Start creating your perfect waterfront escape today!


Rhino Marine Systems Floating Boat Docks

You’re just as likely to find RhinoDock in a single slip, residential application as you are to find RhinoDock configured as a multi-slip, full-service marina at a resort, campground, or restaurant. RhinoDock is the best dock choice for smart waterfront property owners looking to add value to their home or income to their business. RhinoDock can be configured with, or without our premium roof system, and can accommodate nearly any layout design or any number of slip requirements. RhinoDock components are pre-engineered and designed to be incredibly stable, and the additional mass provided by our premium concrete decking makes it one of the most stable dock systems on the market.

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Hip Roof From Shore

Complete Your Dock System


A well-designed dock looks beautiful and performs effortlessly, with ShoreMaster you’ll find all the accessories you need to put the final touches on your boat dock system.


  • Solar Dock Lights
  • Dock Furniture and Benches
  • Steps and Ladders
  • Watersports Racks and Storage
  • Cleats and Bumper
  • and so much more!


Solar Dock Lights
PolyDock Products with Vertical Lifts and Green Canopies

PolyDock Products

PolyDock Products, a sister brand of ShoreMaster, offers an alternative dock solution for those waterfront owners dealing with deep or fluctuating waters. The PolyDock floating, modular system provides an attractive, slip-resistant, low-maintenance, and affordable dock solution that performs well in nearly any waterfront environment.


RhinoDock Upper Deck

Rhino Marine Systems

Take your dock experience to the next level with a RhinoDock. Rhino Marine Systems, a sister brand of ShoreMaster, provides floating steel dock systems for homeowners with deep water who can leave their system year-round. Industry-leading strength and stability combined with exceptional design and luxury make the RhinoDock an easy choice.


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