Where to buy boat lifts near me

It’s hard to find a place in North America within 100 miles of water that doesn’t sell boat lifts. You can visit dealers with showrooms, boat shows, or random sellers that you find on the internet. There’s no shortage of people who want you to buy their boat lifts.

Shopping locally is always a great choice if you can manage it because it’s great for your local economy. Local boat lift dealers will be industry experts, and they will know the water around you. Additionally, authorized dealers from ShoreMaster will help you buy boat lifts near you and the compatible accessories and parts that work best for your water type, depth, and related conditions. This is a much better experience to draw from than someone in a call center in another state. 

Who sells boat lifts near me?

Finding a company or person who sells you boat lifts can be as easy as turning to Google. However, personal interaction with someone near you that really knows their stuff will be a fantastic experience and a better investment for both your time and your money. Having someone local to help you troubleshoot installation or repairs is also a plus. If you purchased your system from them, they’ll know it very well.

We have locations across North America.  The regions that we service include:





Are any of these locations not close enough for your needs? Luckily, finding a ShoreMaster dealer in your area is as easy as filling out our online contact form for more information. 


Where can I find boat lift accessories?

If your local waterfront dealer sells boat docks and boat lifts near you, the odds are that they will also have boat lift accessories available. Boat lift accessories and parts are designed to fit seamlessly with your boat lift system for fun and function. They can range from polyethylene tires and wheel caddies for easy installation and removal to a canopy lift loft to store water toys or other lift and dock accessories. You can have a waterfront just your boat lift, but accessories like bunks, guides, stops, and more are essential if you want it to perform its very best and protect your boat.

ShoreMaster dealers not only have ShoreMaster boat lifts, but they also carry the accessories you’re looking for. If they don’t have something in stock, they can easily get it from us.