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Maximize Your Time on the Water


Add a new level of convenience to your boating experience and quickly begin or finish your day on the water with the Lift Mate™ or Lift Boss™ boat lift motors from ShoreMaster. With a boat lift motor you can quickly raise and lower your boat with the simple push of a button or flip of a switch. Plus, both motor styles utilize our ShoreMaster exclusive Whisper Winch so you’ll enjoy the industry’s quietest operation as well as the ultimate in convenience.


Two unique designs – the LiftBoss and LiftMate – are both available in multiple power options, including solar with add-on solar panels for the 12/24V models. The LiftBoss model is available in wired or wireless remote options as well for virtually effortless operation. Plus, additional accessories like canopy lights make your boat lift system even more convenient and seamless. Explore your options today and get back on the water faster!

ShoreMaster LiftBoss Motor


Enjoy flawless performance season after season with the added convenience of motorized lift operation with ShoreMaster's Boat Lift Motor. Featuring long-lasting, corrosion resistant hardware, the ShoreMaster Boat Lift Motor is wired and assembled by hand in the USA and tested three times for quality control before packaging. Included with your motor is a Whisper Winch mounting kit for easy mounting to all ShoreMaster Whisper Winch boat lifts. Available with key-turn, corded remote, or wireless remote operation it is easier than ever to get out on the water with the ShoreMaster Boat Lift Motor.


  • Available in 120V or 12/24V; Optional Solar Panel available
  • Available in key-turn, corded remote or wireless remote operation
  • 20-Minute Installation
  • Works with all ShoreMaster Whisper Winch boat lifts.
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ShoreMaster LiftBoss

ShoreMaster LiftMate Motor


You want a boat lift motor that is easy to install, easy to operate, and won't let you down when it's time to take your boat for a cruise or when you return from time spent on the water. The LiftMate provides you with all of that with a universal design perfect for new or existing boat lifts.


  • Available in 110V or 12V; Optional Solar Panel available
  • Universal Design Works With Almost Any Boat Lift
  • Simple Toggle Switch Operation
  • Simple, Easy Installation
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ShoreMaster LiftMate



All Models



ShoreMaster LiftBoss

ShoreMaster LiftMate

Power Options

120V or 12/24V

110V or 12V

Operation Options

Key-Turn Corded Remote Wireless Remote

Toggle Switch

Solar Panel Available



Installation Time

15-20 Minutes

20-30 Minutes

Mounting Style

Directly to Winch (Removal of Lift Wheel)

Onto Wheel (Lift Wheel Remains on Lift)