The HydroHoist UltraLift Series is the most common and popular floating lift model. Available in l-arm, front mount, and shallow water configurations, the UltraLift offers the ultimate in strength, durability, and boat lift performance. With UltraLift, all steel parts are above water* -a revolutionary enhancement for the industry- to defy rust, corrosion, and the elements. This protects your boat for years of convenient and carefree storage. 

The UltraLift floating hoist is available in capacities ranging from 4,400-32,000 lbs. and suited for nearly any style of watercraft. 

  • Ultra Tough, Polyethylene Tanks
  • Hot-Dip Zinc-Galvanized Structural Steel Frame
  • Marine-Grade, Heavy-Duty Components and Construction
  • L-Arm, Front Mount, and Shallow Water Model
  • Capacities ranging from 4,400 - 32,000 lbs


*Standard Installation



If you are looking for versatility and performance, look no further than the HarborHoist floating lift. HarborHoist is a level-lifting frame ideal for fresh and saltwater. Compatible with fixed or floating docks, the HarborHoist can be tied to the dock using a conventional mooring system or simply with ropes for added flexibility in dock configuration. Available in capacities up to 25,000lbs, HarborHoist features various hull supports that be configured to accommodate nearly all boat styles, including v-hull (inboard, i/o, and outboard), pontoon, and tritoon boats.

  • Aluminum structure to extend the life of the product
  • Controls integrated with the lift for high performance and ease of use
  • Compatible with U-shape slips, double-wide slips, L-shaped docks, and many more configurations
  • Supports nearly any style of watercraft; capacities ranging from 4,400 - 25,000lbs
Harbor Hoist 25k NewYork



In 2019, ShoreMaster and HydroHoist merged to combine their product offerings and dealer networks. As a result of this merger, ShoreMaster and HydroHoist now offer the broadest spectrum of boat types, sizes, and marine environments in the industry across all major product categories in the dock, boat lift, and accessories market. Additionally, they have a 700+ strong worldwide dealer network able to provide high-quality products and services customers have come to expect from each brand.

Similar to the dominance of the ShoreMaster brand in the standing dock and boat lift markets, HydroHoist has led the floating boat lift market with award-winning innovation and engineering. By providing unrivaled protection for boats and personal watercraft, HydroHoist has earned its superior reputation in the floating boat lift market. In addition to the UltraLift and HarborHoist models, HyrdoHoist offers a premier line-up of PWC ports, the HP Series, as well as waterfront accessories like the HydroLocker and floating dock protection.