Posted on April 29, 2021

Best Tips to Prepare for Summer at the Lake

Best Tips to Prepare for Summer at the Lake

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

After 2020, we all want to get away, unwind, and have a great summer. The year 2021 is shaping up to be the ultimate summer, and with the weather already getting warmer, we’re all a little anxious to get back on the water. To make your summer as safe and fun as possible, here are some tips to help you start off the right way.

ShoreMaster Pacific Blue WeatherMax Traditional Frame Canopy Cover on a Vertical Lift with Woodgrain Decking

Buy as Soon as Possible

If you need anything new for your dock or boat and haven’t purchased it yet, now’s the best time to buy. People are traveling less and spending more time at their cabins and on their waterfronts, which means a lot of waterfront equipment is selling out very quickly. If there’s something you need, get it before someone else does!

Schedule Your Installation Now

Whether you’re DIYing your sectional dock installation with some friends or bringing in a professional, clear your calendar and get on a schedule now. As the weather gets warmer and summer gets closer, professional installers are going to get a lot busier and it might be harder to work around your DIY team’s plans.

Upgrade Your Accessories

Did you pick up a new waterfront hobby? Is your furniture getting less comfortable? Upgrading your boat dock accessories in advance is a way to make your summer perfect. ShoreMaster has the widest array of boat dock accessories in the industry, and all are InfinityTrack compatible.

Stock up on “Lake-Day Essentials”

We’re talking about the smaller stuff that will make your summer days go smoothly. Safety gear like lifejackets, a new boating playlist on your device, delicious snacks, and more. Think of what your perfect day would look like and make sure every little detail is perfect by taking care of it now.

Clean Your Boat

Warmer weather means taking out your boat for the season. It also means dealing with the cobwebs and other maintenance concerns as well. If you haven’t already done this, give your boat some love! Give it a good cleaning, restock necessary supplies, and get some fresh fuel in the system so that it’s ready to go when you are.

And Your Dock and Lift

It might not be glamorous, but your dock and lift do important work protecting your boat and giving you a space to enjoy the water. As you’re getting out your sectional dock, accessories, and boat lift, clean them off and give them the maintenance they deserve.

Get Your Fishing License

A fishing license not only ensures that you’re doing things legally, but that you’re protecting the water for other boaters and wilderness enthusiasts. The cost of the license goes toward protecting the environment. Not having a license can result in fines that are way costlier than just paying for the license, so it’s worth doing things the right way.

Address Last Year’s Issues

Do you have any regrets from last year? Anything you wish could have done differently? Now’s the best time to figure that out. Your issues from last summer don’t have to be issued this summer: take some time to figure out how to improve your lakefront experience so that you can spend more time once having a good time.

ShoreMaster Boat Dock Accessories

At ShoreMaster, we have a passion for making sure lakeside summers get started right. After decades in the business, we know all the ins and outs of setting up a summer of memories instead of hassles. For more information on our products and advice on solutions for your unique waterfront, contact a ShoreMaster dealer near you.


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