Posted on July 7, 2022

Best Tips to Prepare for Summer at the Lake

Best Tips to Prepare for Summer at the Lake

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

The last couple of years have been a whirlwind in every way. After all of the stress and uncertainty of recent years (and a good chunk of 2022 as well), everyone needs to be able to unwind a little bit. Taking your boat out onto the water is one of the best ways to truly get away from it all, and we can help you make that transition as smoothly as possible.

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Buy Now!

If you’re considering replacing your boat dock or boat lift and haven’t bought it yet, now’s the best time to get that done. This is also true if you’ve picked up a new waterfront hobby since the last time you set sail. While everything is opening back up, there are supply chain issues impacting a number of industries. Make sure that you place your orders before someone else gets what you want, or before it’s too late to get it in time for this season!

Also, take the time now to stock up on your lake-day essentials, like lift or boat dock accessories, lifejackets, technology, snacks and other items. Don’t forget to renew any licenses, permits and registrations that you might need, either. Dream about your perfect day and get what you need to make everything perfect.

Schedule Your Installation 

Whether you’re paying a couple of buddies in pizza and drinks, or bringing in the pros, you should schedule your dock installation before the weather is consistently warm again. Professional installers are going to fill up their calendars quickly once spring and summer get here, and your pals have families and lives of their own: make your plans early so that you won’t have to work through a scheduling nightmare when you’d rather be boating.

Dewinterize Everything

After a winter spent in a storage locker or sitting on land, your boat, boat lift, and dock might all be feeling a little worse for wear. Brush off the cobwebs and perform a little TLC on everything. Give everything a good cleaning, restock whatever supplies you need, get some fresh fuel in the system, and make sure all of the electronic equipment and systems are working properly. If anything isn’t working quite right, now is the time to fix it.

Move Forward and Learn from Last Year

If there’s anything about last boating season that you wish you could have done differently, this is a great time to reflect on that. You don’t need to have repeat issues as long as you think ahead. Take your time to figure out solutions for those problems you had before so that you don’t need to interrupt your boating season for unexpected issues.

ShoreMaster can help you make sure that you have a great summer. We develop and sell premium waterfront docks and lifts, offer experience and expertise to our customers, and have an extensive family of dealers that can help you with your unique needs. For more information about ShoreMaster products, find a local dealer online