Posted on October 6, 2022

Boat Lift Benefits, Why Owning A Boat Lift Makes Sense

Boat Lift Benefits, Why Owning A Boat Lift Makes Sense

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Just like a garage protects your car from damage, a boat lift protects your boat. While your boat is meant to go on the water, it was never meant to stay there long term—the elements will eventually cause wear, tear, and ultimately damage your watercraft. A boat lift is essential for protecting your boat investment, as well as your precious time on the water and peace of mind. Here are the biggest benefits of owning a boat lift.

ShoreMaster Vertical Lifts with Blue Canopies and Infinity TS9 with Gray Glacier

Damage Prevention

Keeping your boat’s hull out of the water will keep it clean, which prevents buildup, algae growth, corrosion, collision with debris, stains, and water absorption. Not only will preventing damage keep your boat looking great, but it will also preserve its value and performance. Keeping your boat out of the water will also protect it from the shifts that come along with fluctuating water levels and high winds that could ram it into your dock.

Saving Money and Time

Even a little wear and tear can add up to costly damages over time. A boat lift can save you money consistently over the years because you won’t have to do as many (or as large of) repairs and maintenance adjustments as you would for a boat that’s kept in the water. Not only that, but a clean and protected boat will have better performance, which reduces gas mileage and saves you money at the pump. Finally, when the time comes to sell your boat, you can get more back for it if you’ve kept it well-maintained on a boat lift.

Quicker, Safer, and More Convenient Fun

A boat lift allows you to launch your boat in a couple of minutes, especially if you have a motorized boat lift. You won’t need to fumble with lines or check for leaks or other damage before taking off. A boat lift allows you to simply lower your boat into the water the moment you arrive on the beach, rather than trying to find a launch point with a trailer. It also provides a more level, stable platform for boarding.

Peace of Mind

No one wants their boat to sink, especially not at the dock where it is supposed to be safe. A lot of boat sinking that happens at docks is the result of sustained, accumulated damage over a period of time that led to a catastrophic failure. An improperly tied boat could also float away or run into your dock or other obstacles, sustaining damage. Avoid the expense and heartache by keeping your boat lifted when not in use.

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