Posted on March 12, 2020

ShoreMaster Boat Lift Winch / Motor Options

Boat Lift Motors

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

A boat lift is an essential part of any boating experience—it’s one of the best and easiest ways to keep your boat safe when you’re not using it. Boat lift systems are already very convenient, but a boat lift motor kit can add to your boat lift by making it easier than ever to get on the water. Boat lift motors remove the need for you to spend time and effort on anything but the water by allowing you to quickly and easily raise and lower your boat. A motor makes operating your boat lift as simple as pushing a button or flipping a switch.

ShoreMaster Solar Panel

ShoreMaster has two unique boat lift motor options for easy, hassle-free operation and more time on the water: the LiftBoss and the LiftMate. Both of our boat lift motor systems are great and have some features in common, which means you won’t go wrong with either. However, one might meet your needs better than the other, so let’s talk about the features of the ShoreMaster LiftBoss and LiftMate Motors.


The ShoreMaster LiftBoss Motor is a great motorized lift system that performs season after season. It has long-lasting hardware that resists corrosion and mounts directly to the winch. Each LiftBoss unit is tested three times for quality control before it’s packaged and shipped. These motors are wired and hand-assembled in the United States. Installation can take between 15 and 20 minutes. LiftBoss motors are available in 120V or 12/24V power options and can have key-turn, corded remote, or wireless remote operation.


The ShoreMaster LiftMate Motor is easy for any boat owner to install, operate, and rely on: simplicity doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or durability. This motor has a universal design that can fit on just about any new or existing boat lift system, and it easily mounts onto the wheel (which remains on the lift) with a 20 to 30-minute installation time. It’s available in 110V or 12V power options and uses a toggle switch operation.

Boat Lift Motor Features

The LiftBoss and LiftMate are different systems that meet different needs, but they have some features in common. Both ShoreMaster boat lift motor options utilize the exclusive Whisper Winch system, which makes the system one of the quietest and most convenient in the industry. You can also add solar panels to the LiftBoss and LiftMate systems for the 12V or 24V models. We also have an industry-leading number of other boat lift  accessories that can complement either model and create a more complete boat lift system: canopy lights, canopies, battery trays, and so much more can enhance your boat lift system.

More Questions About Our Boat Lifts?

ShoreMaster has been at the forefront of the waterfront industry for decades, and we never stop improving and innovating. When you invest in products from ShoreMaster, you can trust that they’re made with superior materials and craftsmanship and will meet your needs. Starting your boat dock project or making changes to an existing system is easy when you have the widest array of boat dock accessories and options in the industry: for more information about what will work best for your waterfront, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer.


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