August 3, 2023

Boat Lift Options in the Twin Cities-St. Croix River, MN

Boat Lift Options in the Twin Cities-St. Croix River, MN

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Two hundred miles of clean forests and rivers sounds too good to be true, but that’s what the St. Croix River area in Minnesota offers boaters. Waterfront enthusiasts have many reasons to love this area, from its stunning natural beauty to the abundant opportunities for hunting, fishing, and exploring waterfront sports and hobbies.

With the St. Croix River area, you’re not just on a beautiful shoreline and a great place to make memories. You become a member of a community proud of its stewardship of these natural resources and wonders. Respectful use of the water keeps it clean for future generations of boaters to enjoy. ShoreMaster can help you find the boat dock and boat lift systems that work for you and the water you call home.

St. Croix River Waterfronts

The St. Croix River region is abundant in natural beauty and fiercely protected by the community it sustains. This area is home to the Osceola Landing Project, serving as both a community hub and a dedicated mission to improve and rehabilitate the waterway. While hunting and fishing are permitted under the project, it is essential to look up and adhere to the regulations governing the use of the waterway to ensure responsible and respectful enjoyment.

You’ll be rewarded with a truly beautiful area if you respect the water. The Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway is 200 miles of river and forested area perfect for any nature lover and boater to enjoy. Possibilities for boating, watersports, and even more are out there, ready and waiting for you to discover. 

Boat Docks and Boat Lifts in Twin Cities

Your ideal boat dock and lift system for the St. Croix River area will withstand the rigors of Minnesota’s weather, seasonal changes, and the regular installation and removal that comes with the beginning and end of the boating season. The environmental impact of your system is also crucial to consider, given both the requirements and regulations in place, as well as the passion of the waterfront community in the area. 

When purchasing a St. Croix River boat dock, consider a floating boat dock, which will have a minimal impact on the bottom of the ecosystem underneath it. If floating docks don’t work for your shoreline area, sectional or wheel-in models could work as well. ShoreMaster's boat lift systems are made from welded aluminum (or rotationally-molded polyethylene for PWC drive-on ports). This material is easy to clean and maintain, lightweight, and durable enough to withstand seasonal rigors. Even in the unlikely event of damage, it remains intact and environmentally friendly, not harming the water.

No single “best” boat lift or boat dock exists because each waterfront owner and boater has different needs. Your shoreline’s characteristics, slip size, watercraft type, and recreational preferences all play a significant role in determining the ideal waterfront system that meets your specific needs. Get in touch with a local ShoreMaster dealer to get dock and lift recommendations for your waterfront.

Boat Lifts for Sale in MN

ShoreMaster is a proud Minnesota company full of waterfront enthusiasts that love and appreciate the water as much as you do. Our North American dealer network comprises dedicated waterfront enthusiasts who not only possess in-depth knowledge of our product catalog but also have an intimate understanding of the waters in your area, making them the most trustworthy advisors for your waterfront needs.

They can make the best recommendations to local boaters like you about what would best complete their dream waterfront. For more information about ShoreMaster’s catalog of boat lifts and dock accessories, installation help, or any other waterfront needs, get in touch with ShoreMaster or a local dealer in your area.