February 16, 2023

Dock Accessories to Transform Your Lake Day Experience

Dock Accessories to Transform Your Lake Day Experience

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Your dock can be a very simple, practical walkway toward your boat. However, especially in recent years, docks can be transformed into entertainment spaces and outdoor extensions of the home. Between dock layouts that create different sections and accessories that reflect your hobbies, there’s something for almost every waterfront user. Think about your boating needs and what a perfect day at the lake looks like, and consider these categories of boat dock accessories to get inspired.

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For the Boater

If your boat is your baby, your dock accessories should be able to protect it as much as possible. A boat lift for your watercraft, or a PWC port for jet skis or smaller craft, is a must-have for ensuring that launching your watercraft is quick and easy. Dry storing your boat at the water’s edge makes it so much easier to get out quickly and makes your boat easier to clean and maintain, not to mention protecting it from damage. Add dock bumpers and guides to ensure that you’re steering your craft safely onto the lift.

For the Safety-Conscious

Anything by the water will probably get slippery, and conditions will be dark if you’re out early in the morning or late at night. While you should always be watching your footing and wearing life jackets near the water, you can add accessories to your dock to make it safer. Store battery trays for motorized boat lifts and other electronic accessories underneath your canopy. Wheel kits make it easier and safer to remove your dock from the water seasonally. Dock lights, including solar-powered dock lights, can be installed on dock leg caps or underneath dock and lift canopies to keep everything well-lit. They also come in various options and different colors. Dock ladders, railings, and steps can make it harder to fall into the water and easier to get out of.

For Fishers

If you’re lucky enough to have fish by your waterfront and are an angler, accessories are available for you, too. ShoreMaster has a dockside fishing rod holder for docks that can secure your rod to the side of your dock to give you a chance to get a drink, untangle lines, or watch the kids for a minute. If you want to eat your catch and have it as fresh as possible, a dockside cleaning station and propane grill on your dock can complete your cookout.

For Sports Fans

Water sports come with equipment, and equipment needs storage. Consider dock boxes or canopy netting to keep gear tucked away from your dock. Kayaks, canoes, and other smaller watercraft without motors can be stored on dockside watersports racks. The steps and stairs we mentioned earlier are great for swimmers to get in and out of the water. And even if you don’t play many watersports, you can still install a basketball hoop along the perimeter of your Infinity Dock to practice your shots.

For Rest and Relaxation

If you’re the kind of person that needs to get away from it all, or you need a break after working hard and playing hard, a comfortable chair or dock bench is a great addition to any dock system. Sure, you could just put folding patio furniture on your dock, but ShoreMaster has dock furniture in an array of styles, colors, and budget options. Our docks are also Infinity System compatible, which means attaching anywhere along the perimeter of your ShoreMaster dock and even hanging over the edge to maximize your space. 

If you have a new hobby that you want to incorporate into your waterfront or otherwise upgrade your dock with the best boat dock accessories, a ShoreMaster dealer in your area can help. Our dealer network from across the country can help you find the right accessories that are compatible with your boat dock, budget, and lifestyle—and we offer the largest selection in the industry. Get in touch with a local ShoreMaster dealer for more information on what we offer.