Posted on February 14, 2019

Dock Trends to Try

Dock Trends to Try

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Your dock is the center of your waterfront activities. It’s something that you’re going to want to use for years to come, so superior quality is a priority. What you might also consider doing is paying attention to trends in lake docks. With the options from ShoreMaster—and the ease of changing them thanks to the InfinityTrack system universal to all of our docks and accessories—you don’t have to be afraid of changing trends and adjusting your dock to meet your needs. Most people are getting ready to stay in around this time of year, but taking the time to invest in dock updates now will ensure that you’re ready for warmer weather again. Here are some trendy things to consider adding to your outdoor space to personalize it, make a statement, and enjoy yourself and your waterfront even more.


The decking on your lake dock is the first thing you’ll see when you walk out toward the waterfront and will support you and your activities for years to come. ShoreMaster has 9 low-maintenance, high-quality decking options to help truly personalize your dock. If you can’t decide on colors, gray is in fashion: we offer the color in Woodgrain, Vertex, and Glacier styles, as well as plain aluminum. If gray isn’t quite your color, we have a great selection of other finishes and colors to make your dock truly yours. The best part is that they’re all beautiful, durable, versatile, and hassle-free, just like you expect from our craftsmanship and expertise.


There’s more to your dock than just the boat lift. When you spend a lot of time out on your dock or want to entertain people, you’re going to want places to sit, tables to set food and drinks on, and umbrellas to keep the worst of the sun off of you. The addition of furniture on your dock—especially furniture accessories that can be easily attached and moved, like ShoreMaster’s InfinityTrack system can be—makes your dock a destination and not just a way to get from the land to the lake. We carry the largest variety of dock accessories and hassle-free installation and configurability for maximum customization based on your tastes and how you’ll use the space.

Adding Curves

A lot of more traditional docks are basic rectangles that jut out into the water. They’re functional, and there’s something to be said for sharp edges and lines, but rounded edges and corners are aesthetically pleasing and might be more your style. The Infinity RS4 from ShoreMaster is the only dock system out there with 45 and 90-degree curved sections as well as the configurability and durability that come standard with all of our products.


Spending long hours out on the water means needing some lighting arrangements when your activities start early in the morning or go into the night. Light fixtures can also be part of your décor, acting as accents that illuminate your space while also making it look warm and inviting. Try using draped lights for a fun look, or install accent lights on your deck posts that suit your style. ShoreMaster offers canopy lights and solar dock lights for dock owners looking for convenient options for illumination.

All of This and More from ShoreMaster

When you buy from ShoreMaster, you’re creating more than just a dock. You’re creating a customized space for memories and your own mark on the waterfront. Make sure that whether you chase trends or stick to timeless classics that you’re investing in quality docks and accessories. To learn more or to start creating your perfect dock, get in touch with ShoreMaster or a ShoreMaster dealer online.