June 27, 2024

Docking Accessories for Boat Owners: A Complete Guide 

Docking Accessories for Boat Owners: A Complete Guide

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Essential Docking Accessories for Boat Owners: A Complete Guide

The days of docks simply being a place to anchor your boat are drifting to the past. Modern boaters use these areas to entertain and create enhanced waterfront experiences that combine leisure, recreation, and adventure. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, U.S. sales of boats, marine products, and services reached $59.3 billion in 2022, with boaters across the country finding more ways to spend time on the water (NMMA, n.d.).

At ShoreMaster, we understand that each boater has unique needs to satisfy their lifestyle. That’s why we designed docking systems you can seamlessly customize to your exact specifications. Below, we explore the evolving world of dock accessories and how they can elevate your overall boating experience.

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Introduction to Docking Accessories  

Over the years, dock design and functionality have evolved significantly, reflecting advancements in materials, engineering, and the changing needs of waterfront enthusiasts. The recreational boating industry has responded to this dynamic lifestyle by offering a wide range of dock accessories that transform docks into multifunctional spaces, catering to diverse recreational and practical needs. 


Different boat dock accessories and parts let you customize your dock to your exact specifications. You can add accessories to help your dock perform better, look nicer, or do more of what you love on the water. From safety features and boating aids to lifestyle enhancements and storage solutions, a well-designed accessories suite can streamline the docking process, reduce wear and tear on your boat, and create a more comfortable and organized space for you and your loved ones. 

Types of Docking Accessories  

Dock accessories play a pivotal role in enhancing the look and functionality of docks while significantly improving comfort and convenience for waterfront enthusiasts. Here’s an overview of essential add-ons to consider: 

1. Functional Improvements

Accessories such as dock cleats, fenders, handrails, and ladders ensure secure mooring and easy boat access, while bumpers protect both the dock and vessels from damage. Notes Chris Jacobs, Waterfront Manager of Brinson Marine, “You can have dock bumpers span whatever part of the dock you normally pull the boat up to and dock to. That way, you don’t have to pull up any fenders and know that your boat and dock are protected (Brinson Marine, 2023).”


For the ultimate watercraft protection, here are other dock enhancements to consider:


  • Boat lift: One of the more significant enhancements you can add to your dock system, boat lifts protect your boat from potential damage caused by rough water, traffic, and marine growth, effectively preserving the vessel’s lifespan.  
  • Canopies: Boat lift canopies shield boats from harmful UV rays, rain, and debris, preventing damage to the boat's exterior and interior. This helps maintain the boat's appearance and reduces the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.
  • PWC docks: PWC docks offer a secure and stable platform, making it easy to store, launch, and retrieve jet skis and other small watercraft. By keeping PWCs out of the water when not in use, PWC docks protect against intake fouling, corrosion, and damage from marine growth. This reduces maintenance needs and prolongs the lifespan of the watercraft.


Depending on your waterfront lifestyle, you can also add rod holders, kayak and paddleboard racks, fish cleaning stations, and an array of storage solutions to keep the dock organized and free from clutter and slip hazards. 

2. Aesthetic Enhancements

Dock accessories offer numerous ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of docks and create inviting and visually pleasing spaces. For example, ShoreMaster’s catalog of decking options includes flow-through Glacier, woodgrain, flagstone, and aluminum designs. This wealth of options allows you to create an aesthetic that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape or one that reflects your personal style. 


We also offer exclusive 45- and 90-degree curved dock sections, enabling you to break free from the standard mold of straight lines and right angles and into the realm of luxury boat docks. Unleash your creativity and create dedicated spaces for various waterfront activities in style. Add our solar dock lights and simultaneously enhance the safety and ambiance of your dock as you enjoy premium waterfront living well into the night.    

3. Creature Comforts

Dock furniture, including chairs, tables, and loungers, instantly transforms docks from functional structures to comfortable living spaces perfect for sunbathing, dining, or simply enjoying the view. Here’s a closer look at some of ShoreMaster’s offerings:


  • Dock furniture: Our premium dock furniture package includes two swivel chairs, a table, an umbrella, and five color and fabric options to choose from (Aluminum, Brindle, Dorset, Nova, and Carbon). We also have modular grace seating you can put together as a loveseat. These are all made from comfortable, quick-drying materials optimized for outdoor use. 
  • Fire table: Available in hickory or glacier finish, our dockside fire table comes standard with a 20-inch round 60,000 BTU stainless steel black powder-coated burner, external key valve, match-throw ignition, natural gas orifice, 20 pounds of fire jewelry, and a black 3/4-inch fire burner riser. 
  • Grill: Crafted with high-quality stainless steel, our Dockside Grill features a simple control knob for precise heat control with push-button igniter and built-in thermometer. The set includes a removable warming rack and liner, a grease tray, a latching lid, and a stay-cool handle. They’re compatible with disposable propane canisters or larger refillable tanks. 


We also have fun dock accessories like the Dockside Basketball Hoop, giving both kids and the young at heart even more reasons to bond and spend time in nature. 

Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Dock 

Here are some key considerations to help you select the right accessories for your specific needs and waterfront lifestyle:


  • Dock type: Different docks require different accessories. For instance, mooring lines and bumpers are essential for keeping floating docks in place and preventing collisions with other watercraft. Meanwhile, gangways or ramps are often required to bridge the shore and the dock. 
  • Boat size: Larger vessels require sturdier cleats, heavy-duty bumpers, and more robust anchoring systems. When purchasing these accessories, ensure they can accommodate your boat’s dimensions. 
  • Intended use: The best dock accessories enhance your waterfront lifestyle. Think about how you plan to use your dock. If you entertain frequently, invest in additional seating, a few lakeside toys, and safety features like handrails and dock ladders. 


Environmental factors, such as water level fluctuations, wind, and current patterns, can also influence what dock accessories you need. For example, in areas with significant tidal changes, adjustable dock ramps, and flexible anchoring systems are essential additions. 

Installation Tips and Maintenance  

Proper installation and maintenance of your docking accessories ensure longevity and optimal performance. Here are some general tips:




  • Check compatibility: Before purchasing accessories, ensure their compatibility with your docking system. 
  • Follow manufacturer instructions: Each accessory will come with specific installation guidelines. Carefully following these instructions ensures safe and secure installation. If anything seems amiss, consult your local dealer. 
  • Secure attachments: Ensure that accessories are securely attached, level, and aligned. This minimizes stress on the connectors, brackets, and the dock itself. 




  • Regular inspection: Periodically inspect all accessories for signs of wear, damage, or corrosion. Look for loose bolts, cracks, or bent components, and tighten or replace them accordingly. 
  • Cleaning: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for removing dirt, salt, and debris to maintain the accessories’ appearance and prevent potential damage. Generally, regularly rinsing components with mild soap and water will suffice. 
  • Lubrication: Lubricate moving parts, such as hinges, latches, and pulleys, to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation. 


For areas with significant seasonal changes, consider removing accessories to prevent damage from ice, freezing temperatures, or heavy rainfall. 

Why Choose ShoreMaster Accessories  

Since redefining the standard for boat lifts in 1972, we’ve continued working tirelessly to ensure our customers have the best waterfront experiences. We birthed our Infinity Waterfront System from this commitment, offering an innovative and practical approach to enhancing dock functionality, convenience, and safety for the ultimate waterfront experience. 


This system utilizes tracks built into the side of the dock frame, which allows you to easily add ShoreMaster dock accessories by simply sliding them into the tracks and locking them in place. We offer the widest range of accessories on the market, so you can enhance your waterfront lifestyle regardless of what you love doing on the water. 

Contact us today to learn more and start realizing your dream dock.