Posted on February 17, 2022

Tritoon Lifts: What You Need to Know

Does a Tritoon Need a Special Lift?

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Modern boats are getting bigger and heavier, with some boaters upgrading to tritoons when pontoon boats just aren’t enough. If you’ve recently gotten a tritoon or are looking into them, you might be looking for a new lift for your craft as well. Modern pontoon lifts are built stronger and larger to accommodate the extra size that pontoon boats have compared to other boats or PWC lifts. Pontoon boat lifts also have specialized cradles or bunks to support the “toons,” so it would reason that tritoon boat lifts would have three. But will you actually need a special lift for one more toon?


ShoreMaster Vertical Lift with Gray Canopy Cover and Infinity RS4 Dock

Do I need a special tritoon lift?

You don’t necessarily need a totally new lift to support the center toon. If you’re using a trailer to transport your boat, you’ll probably want to support the center one. However, your boat will be sitting still on a lift and won’t need support like it would in transit. If you buy your boat lift through ShoreMaster, we do have options available to support the center tritoon, depending on its size.

When looking for the right lift for a tritoon, it's essential to consider how the lift's design affects its performance in water. Research into larger marine structures shows that the way pontoons are arranged can make a big difference in how stable and effective the lift is (Liu et al., 2016). This is a helpful reminder that choosing a lift designed with the specific needs of tritoons in mind can lead to better stability and lift performance, ensuring your tritoon is well-supported.

Boat Lift Design Considerations

Before you purchase or upgrade your boat lift, it’s important to know the size and weight of your boat (especially if it’s a newer model) along with the size of your slip. Most boat lifts, including those for pontoons and tritoons, have a standard size, although it’s possible to modify boat lifts to fit a wider slip for a cost. The location of your slip and the depth of your water are also important considerations—all of the considerations you’d have in mind for your boat dock should be factored in when it comes to your boat lift, with a little extra consideration given for pontoon boat size.

Remember that whenever you measure, triple-check for accuracy, and when weighing your boat, don’t just use the dry weight—factor in everything you’ll load onto it, including fuel, and add a little more on top of that just to be safe.

Pontoon Lift Features

Boat lifts for pontoons require different features than boat lifts for watercraft with V-shaped hulls. They need a new design, structure, and weight capacity and distribution. This design will require greater strength and stability to support the pontoons, which typically means a wider and longer frame. These lifts will have carpet or vinyl protection to ensure that the underside of your boat and pontoons are protected from scratching and other damage. 

ShoreMaster Pontoon Boat Lifts

No matter where on the water you live, work, and play, ShoreMaster can help you find the waterfront setup that works for you. We have the greatest number of boat lift accessories and options for boat docks in the industry, all compatible and created with the highest quality of engineering and expertise in mind. We’ve been in the boating business for decades, and we have connections across the country with experienced ShoreMaster dealers we trust to know water everywhere. To get started, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer. 


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