June 6, 2024

Enhance Your Waterfront Experience with Shoreline Docks

Enhance Your Waterfront Experience with Shoreline Docks

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Essential Guide to Enhancing Your Waterfront Experience with Shoreline Docks

Owning a waterfront property opens a door to a unique lifestyle, a smorgasbord of recreation, tranquility, and unlimited ways to connect and reconnect with nature. Below, we make the case for making this an everyday reality with ShoreMaster’s premium docking systems.

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Welcome to Waterfront Excellence

Imagine stepping out into the gentle morning breeze, coffee in hand, taking in the scenery on a sturdy, elegant dock that blends seamlessly with the natural beauty of your waterfront property. For most people, that sequence is a tapestry of dreams. With ShoreMaster’s luxury boat docks, that’s the reality of the elevated waterfront experience we provide. 

For over four decades, ShoreMaster has been pioneering technologies and designs that set the standard for quality and functionality. And nothing exemplifies our unwavering commitment to helping our customers make the most of their time on the water like our Infinity Dock Systems. With industry-leading strength and stability, unlimited configurability, and high-end aesthetics neatly tied up around ease of ownership, it’s the ultimate dock experience. Or as we call it at ShoreMaster, just another day in waterfront excellence. 

Explore Our Range of Shoreline Docks

We offer a diverse range of dock models to suit every type of shoreline, each with unique features and benefits designed to maximize your waterfront experience. Here’s a closer look at these premium docking solutions:

Infinity RS4

With a range of dock section shapes and sizes, all-aluminum welded construction, nine premium decking options, and the InfinityTrack accessory system, the Infinity RS4 is a docking solution that can be anything and everything you need it to be. Available in 4’- and 6’-wide sections, lengths up to 12’, and exclusive 45 and 90-degree curves, this modular boat docking system allows you to design a dock that perfectly fits your shoreline, maximizing the available space while maintaining optimal water access.  

Infinity RS7

Available as a sectional, railside, or wheel-in dock system, the Infinity RS7 features a 6.75” side frame and five-sided dock legs for unmatched stability and safety. And just like the RS4, its modular design lets you choose from a range of section shapes and sizes, decking options, and accessories to create a docking system that accommodates all your waterfront activities. 

Infinity TS9

Also available as a sectional or roll-in system, the Infinity TS9 is perfect for waterfront owners looking for a reliable, easy-to-own docking solution. It combines a 9” classic truss side frame for a timeless aesthetic, a lightweight aluminum frame and precision welded construction for superior strength, and the unlimited configurability of ShoreMaster’s Infinity Dock Systems for a premium docking solution you’ll love season after season.   

Floating FTS9

Waterfronts with shallow, deep, and fluctuating water levels often pose docking challenges, but not for the FTS9. Engineered with versatility and resilience at its core, the FTS9 marries rotationally molded polyethylene floats with a precision-welded aluminum frame to ensure stable and reliable access regardless of environmental conditions. 

Studies show that integrating polyethylene composites with rotational molding increases impact strength (Liu & Peng, 2010). In addition, rotationally-molded floats are resistant to cracking, warping, and splintering. Easy to install as it is to maintain, this floating dock system is perfect for waterfront owners who put a premium on a worry-free ownership experience. 

Contact us today to learn more about ShoreMaster’s Infinity Dock Systems and to find the best docking solution for your shoreline. 

Installation and Care of Your Dock

Ease of installation is at the heart of ShoreMaster’s design philosophy. Our QuickConnect (QC) Dock Assembly System is at the forefront of this, utilizing a series of pre-installed brackets, connectors, and mounting points on the dock frames to facilitate intuitive boat dock installation. However, if it’s your first install, we recommend getting professional help from your local dealer to install everything correctly, safely, and according to local regulations. 

Our local dealers can assist you with the following:

  • Site assessment and preparation: Preliminary site assessments help determine the ideal docking system for your shoreline, including optimal layouts and anchoring points. 
  • Professional installation: Professionals have the expertise and experience to assemble the dock to its exact specifications, enhancing its performance and safety. 
  • Final walkthrough and tips: Following installation, professionals can demonstrate proper use and share tips for optimizing the dock system. 

Below are some essential maintenance tips to ensure the dock’s longevity:

  • Regular cleaning: Rinse your dock with fresh water and a mild soap solution to remove dirt, debris, and marine growth buildup. 
  • Periodic inspections: Regularly inspect the dock system for loose connections or signs of wear and tear. Address minor issues promptly to prevent them from becoming bigger, costlier problems. 
  • Seasonal storage: For areas with significant seasonal changes, consider removing your dock to prevent damage from ice or heavy snow and rainfall. 

ShoreMaster dock systems are constructed with materials that can withstand harsh weather and water conditions with minimal upkeep. Observe these basic maintenance practices and you can enjoy a premium docking experience for years to come.

Accessorize Your Dock

Over the years, we’ve seen docks evolve from basic platforms to access boats to outdoor extensions of homes. As Modern Living host Kathy Ireland puts it, “The days of docks simply being a place to anchor your boat are gone. Now, boaters are using this area to entertain, creating waterfront experiences like none other (Modern Living, 2018).”

ShoreMaster understands this lifestyle shift better than anyone, with our InfinityTrack Accessories system offering a revolutionary approach to enhancing dock functionality. This system utilizes tracks built into the side of the dock frame, allowing owners to add a wide range of dock accessories, from cleats, bumpers, and ladders to more lifestyle-oriented additions like furniture, grills, and watersport racks.

Each accessory slides into the track and locks securely in place, offering a clean, integrated look. This flexibility is ideal for dock owners who anticipate evolving needs or those who wish to adapt their space for different activities throughout the boating season. The InfinityTrack Accessories system exemplifies ShoreMaster’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, providing a user-friendly solution that prioritizes adaptability and design coherence. 

Why Choose ShoreMaster?

Choosing ShoreMaster is an investment in enhancing your waterfront experiences, whatever that may be. Whether you’re an avid waterskier, a novice angler, or a recreational boater, our quality engineering and design, innovative features, and versatile, worry-free docking solutions let you focus on enjoying what you love about the water.

Contact us today and take the first step to elevating your waterfront lifestyle. We’ll connect you with a local dealer so you can start building the perfect dock for your shoreline.