January 18, 2024

Explore the Best Pontoon Floating Docks Options Online 

Explore the Best Pontoon Floating Docks Options Online

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pontoon Boat Dock

With their spacious decks and stable platform, pontoon boats are beloved for their incredible versatility. From leisurely cruises to exhilarating and meditative water activities, owning a pontoon boat opens up a world of possibilities for friends and family. 

However, to fully optimize your boating experience, it’s best to pair your versatile vessel with a reliable docking solution. Below, we explore the considerations for choosing a pontoon boat dock that offers convenience, reliability, and safety while perfectly matching your needs. 

ShoreMaster Infintiy RS4 Dock with Gray Woodgain Decking and Curve Dock, Vertical Lift, Furniture

Understanding Your Docking Needs

Before diving into the specifics of pontoon boat docks, take stock of your docking requirements. These include the following:

  • Water depth and fluctuations: Unless your waterfront conditions are stable year-round, choosing a dock that adapts to varying water levels and environments is best.  
  • Boat size and weight: This will dictate the dock’s overall dimensions and boat lift capacity.
  • Anticipated usage: Occasional weekend outings call for different solutions than daily boating enthusiasts. 
  • Budget constraints: Factor in material and installation costs and potential permit fees. 

ShoreMaster’s network of dealers and distributors understands their respective waterfronts better than anyone. Contact us today, and we’ll point you towards a docking solutions expert near you. 

Types of Pontoon Boat Docks

After assessing your needs, let’s explore your options for docking a pontoon boat. 

  • Stationary docks: These sturdy structures are usually anchored to the shore or the lake bottom, offering a permanent platform for year-round access. Stationary docks are ideal for waterfront properties frequently subjected to high winds that create rough water.  
  • Modular floating docks: ShoreMaster floating dock systems provide hassle-free adaptation to fluctuating water levels and combine performance with easy installation and removal. Their modular design allows you to create a dock layout specific to your shoreline and needs.  
  • Boat lifts: We designed our pontoon boat lift to perfectly fit today’s larger, more powerful vessels. Combined with the standard pontoon guides and rails, the longer, wider design provides a more stable platform for lifting the pontoon and better support and guidance when entering and exiting the lift. 
  • Wheel-in docks: This portable dock system is perfect for seasonal boaters and shallow water areas unsuitable for permanent structures. 

Find the perfect dock system with our online tool. Answer the questionnaire, and we’ll generate a personalized dock configuration with an instant quote. 


Where do I mount docking lights on a pontoon boat?

Pontoon boat dock lights are typically installed on the vessel’s bow or sides. Mount them low to illuminate the water directly ahead and aid in docking during low-light conditions. Our dock accessories catalog also includes Solar Dock Lights, which feature easy, tool-free installation to any ShoreMaster docking system. 

Are there eco-friendly options available for pontoon boat dock construction?

Absolutely! For example, our plastic decking requires minimal maintenance, eliminating the need for regular chemical treatment. For its part, the durability of our aluminum decking results in a lower carbon footprint over the long term.  

Do I need any special permits or approvals to install a pontoon boat dock?

Yes, boat dock installations often require permits and approvals depending on your location and the type and size of the dock. Before prospecting pontoon boat docks, check with local authorities for specific regulations and requirements. Better yet, contact your local ShoreMaster dealer today for guidance on realizing your dream dock.