Posted on May 5, 2022

How are boat lifts made?

How are boat lifts made?

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

pontoon lift with rain clouds in background

A boat lift is the best investment you can make in your boat’s performance and value. Boats can sustain damage from the elements and effects of the water, which makes secure storage crucial. Boat lifts are designed for safe operation, support of the watercraft, and minimum impact to the boat dock. So how is such an important part of the waterfront environment made?

Today’s premium boat lifts, including the ones that ShoreMaster pioneered and continues to make today, are predominantly made from marine-grade aluminum. ShoreMaster’s boat lifts also feature dime-welded construction that allows them to be durable and come apart in as few pieces as possible (eight pieces, by the way—easy to assemble and install for you seasonal boaters). We use raw aluminum that gets welded together for our boat lift frames, which makes our boat lifts very easy to care for and lift, thanks to the lightweight yet durable quality of the metal. Our vertical boat lift, hydraulic boat lift, pontoon boat lift, and personal watercraft lifts all share the dime-welded aluminum construction.

Floating boat lifts have polyethylene tanks that are puncture-resistan. And, they contain UV inhibitors and contain polystyrene beads to ensure that they don’t get damaged, this helps them to stay buoyant even in the unlikely event of a puncture. Our hydraulic boat lifts have a purely hydraulic system, which means no pulleys or cables—this is different from our competitors that claim to have hydraulic systems but really use pulleys and cables that require more maintenance and aren’t as quiet. For systems with pulleys, cables, and other systems, we use brass and stainless steel for components that are above the water. Our bunks are typically vinyl and aluminum or carpeted wood in order to give the hull of your boat a soft landing and protect it from damage.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality boat lift and dock system, look no further than ShoreMaster. We’ve been an industry leader for decades, thanks to our waterfront experience, engineering expertise, and passion for innovation. We’re proud to be an American company with components manufactured in Fergus, where we’ve made our home for decades. Our network of trusted dealers can help you find the boat lift system that works best for your existing or dream waterfront. Fill out our online form to get in touch with a ShoreMaster dealer in your area.