Posted on December 9, 2021

How Do You Winterize a Boat Lift? Essential Winterization Tips

How Do You Winterize a Boat Lift?

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

If you’re a seasonal boater, packing up your boat, dock, and lift are likely on your to-do list this fall. ShoreMaster makes it easy for boaters to move and remove their docks and hydraulic boat lifts thanks to dime-welded aluminum construction that makes them lightweight and easy to set up and tear down when the weather gets cold. Luckily, winterizing your boat lift is easy, cheap, and a great way to save money and stress in the long run: just follow this advice from ShoreMaster’s waterfront experts.

ShoreMaster Hydraulic Lift and ShorePort

Check, Check, and Check Again 

You should have your lift professionally inspected every three to five years anyway, but even if it’s not time for the pros to take a look, you should look over your lift before putting it away and before setting it up again. Whether you make any fixes now or wait until spring, checking for problems now can save you from making expensive repairs in the future. Dealers will be busier in spring, so schedule that inspection and buy any replacement parts you need now.

Remove the Lift from the Water

Lifting your boat lift out of the water is the best way to keep it from getting damaged by the elements over the winter. Just one step means that your boat lift avoids freezing conditions, ice movement, and related damage. ShoreMaster sells a wheel kit that makes removing your boat lift as easy as wheeling it out of the water and resting it on the shore. Keep water out of your boat lift motor by not covering it up, which can trap moisture in the moving parts.

Get Ahead of the Weather

If you can’t remove your boat lift from the water, do what you can to keep the winter weather from damaging it. Invest in a de-icer, which protects your boat lift from ice damage by creating an ice-free warm zone around it to prevent ice formation. If you get a lot of storms, secure your lift: remove the boat completely, secure the beams, so they don’t sway in the wind, remove motors and gearboxes for the season to keep them dry, and anything with a power source should be unplugged and kept dry.

Need Hydraulic Boat Lift Help?

ShoreMaster has been in the waterfront business for over 30 years, which means we know the ins and outs of seasonal boat lift ownership. Our boat lifts have years of engineering and innovation in their designs that make them easy to own, use, and move. We can help you with your installation and removal questions, as well as advice on the products to upgrade your dock once boating season comes back around. For more information on what will be best for your shoreline, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer.