March 9, 2023

How-To Guide for Dock Installation and Dock Removal

How-To Guide for Dock Installation and Dock Removal

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

If you’re a seasonal boater, you know the pain of the seasonal dock installation and removal. When spring arrives, it’s time to get everything set up and ready to go before the weather warms up. At the end of the season, when it’s cold, and the kids are back in school, it’s time to pack everything up until next year.

Boat dock installation and removal can be an enormous chore, but there are ways to make it easier. Investing in a high-quality dock made from durable, lightweight materials like aluminum can be a big time saver and easier on your body. And there are boat dock accessories for installation and removal that can make the work even easier. Your unique waterfront might have some special considerations, but here are some solid tips we at ShoreMaster have for installation and removal.

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Boat Dock Installation

Before you even begin to assemble your boat dock, ensure it’s clean and all parts are where they’re supposed to be. Also, make sure that you have the manufacturer guidelines available—they’re usually available on their website if you lost the hard copy. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines is the best way to avoid damaging anything.

Try to assemble as much of your dock on the shore as possible before moving it into the water. Brackets, posts, foot pads, and other smaller parts are much easier to manage when you’re not at risk of dropping them into the water. You should also try to make sure that your dock is as level as possible while it’s still on land, so you don’t have to make adjustments underwater (although if you have a floating dock, that step is pretty much already done for you).

You can use wheel kits and lift assist tools to help you install your dock. There’s also the option of hiring installers from your local dealer. ShoreMaster docks are light enough that you might be able to install them with the help of a couple of friends; however, if it’s your first install, it can’t hurt to have a pro help you to ensure everything is right the first time.

Boat Dock Removal

No one wants to spend a ton of time in cold, muddy water for fall removal, so removal tools and solutions that are compatible with your boat dock are great solutions. A boat lift lifting arm can help you leverage your boat lift out of the water and onto the shore without unnecessary effort to haul it up. The wheel caddies and poly tires that you can use to install your dock are also great for the removal process because they make the transition between water and shore easier.

When your dock is removed, keep it in a safe place. Store all of the small parts together, be sure that water can’t get trapped inside the system, and clearly mark your dock if you have to store it outside to avoid accidents.

ShoreMaster Dock Installation and Removal

We’ve been in the waterfront business for years, and since our headquarters is in Minnesota, we know a thing or two about seasonal installation and removal. We’ve put our high-quality engineering and innovation to the test to create boat docks, lifts, and accessories that stand up to the rigors of the season while being easy for you to install, use, and remove when the time comes. All of our product installation instructions are available on our website. If you still have questions or want more tips on installing and removing your boat dock system, reach out to your local ShoreMaster dealer