Posted on July 5, 2019

It's Not Too Late: How to Raise a Dock in Water

It's Not Too Late: Get Your Boat Dock on the Water

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Many boaters already have taken advantage of warmer weather to set up their boat docks, but it’s not too late to set up yours if you haven’t yet. The Infinity Waterfront System™ is a completely customizable aluminum dock system that includes accessories you can adapt to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to build your first dock or you want to upgrade an existing one, ShoreMaster has unparalleled versatility and elegance your waterfront experience needs and deserves. 

Installing a Dock

If you have a sectional dock, it’s time to break it out of storage. Looking to extend or configure the existing dock in a different way? ShoreMaster offers curved sections, and our Infinity frame connection system lets you change up your dock to whatever layout best fits your needs, whether it’s fishing, using watercraft, or swimming. Use our leg pockets to raise and lower the dock as needed with changing water levels.

Instead of using PVC rollers, rope, and a friend’s truck to bring the dock to shore, consider our wheel-in dock system. Our tires are high-quality polyethylene tires, and this system also works with the Infinity frame connection system, allowing for custom configuration.

Dock bumpers may not be essential to the construction of a dock, but we highly recommend you use them. The more you can protect your dock, the longer it will last.


Make sure you have the correct lift for your watercraft. One size does not fit all. From personal watercraft to pontoons, ShoreMaster has what you need. Got a new jet ski for this summer? No problem. We offer vertical and cantilever lifts as well as drive-on platforms.

Determining Your Needs

Are you looking to replace your old wood dock? Did you purchase your first boat and need a dock? The best way to figure out what type of dock and lift system you need to use our Product Finder and contact your local dealer. Together they will help add together all the variables, such as water depth and conditions, what you plan to use the dock for, and your budget, and determine find the perfect Infinity Waterfront System.


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