Posted on October 14, 2021

Rhino Docks: Why Galvanized Steel

Rhino Docks: Why Galvanized Steel

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

So much of ShoreMaster’s catalog is aluminum boat docks and accessories, and we’re very proud of those offerings—we love talking about the benefits of aluminum. However, we also carry Rhino Dock, which uses galvanized steel instead of aluminum. It’s not that we don’t love aluminum docks, but because galvanized steel has its advantages, especially where Rhino Docks are concerned. Steel is a durable, cost-effective option great for large marinas, commercial docks, and other waterfronts that experience heavy use and need extra stability. Read on to learn more about our other top-of-the-line dock system and the benefits you’re getting when you invest in galvanized steel.

Stability and Durability

Galvanized steel docks have the strength and durability to stand up to regular, heavy dock use. This is because the steel used in these docks is chemically treated rather than coated. This means that any weathering that the dock experiences only affects the galvanized surface, and your dock will last for years and even decades before it needs to be replaced. Marine-grade steel is also less malleable than aluminum: this might sound like a bad thing, but that means that it maintains its shape under stress better. This makes it durable even in the face of elements and strong enough to handle concrete decking.

Style and Selection

You’ll still have customization options when using Rhino Dock steel systems. Steel costs less than aluminum, which could help you come up with your unique dock system at a reduced cost. You can control how many slips you have, roof style and color, decking options, and even more, just like you can with our aluminum boat dock systems. The dock accessories you add to your steel dock also won’t take up dock space: they overhang on the water effortlessly for peace of mind and maximum walkability on your dock. A dock system developed in the harshest marine conditions in the Lake of the Ozarks, made with only the highest quality of marine-grade components that fit your aesthetic, is sure to meet your needs wherever you’re boating.

Even More Options

Concrete decking in a galvanized steel frame creates a very stable dock that leads to a number of customization options. Rhino Dock can be configured with or without a roof system and accommodate nearly any layout design or slip requirements. For the outdoor entertainers, the strength and stability offered by a galvanized steel dock system with concrete decking also means that your dock could have an upper deck as well for a truly beautiful patio space. The aluminum upper deck options have premium handrails and excellent aesthetics and functionality for truly memorable waterfront experiences and luxurious waterfront living.

Premium Docks from ShoreMaster

Whether you’re outfitting a commercial shoreline with many docks or your personal slip with one, ShoreMaster has the premium dock products and expertise to help you out. We’re an industry leader with decades of a waterfront experience and near-limitless possible waterfront configurations for any waterfront, and our customer support team is friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to answer your installation and product questions. For more information about which of our products would work best for your water, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer.