Posted on February 21, 2014

ShoreMaster Dock Floats: Dock Flotation Specifications have Been Updated

ShoreMaster Dock Flotation Specifications have Been Updated

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Please take a moment to check out our updated ShoreMaster and Rhino dock flotation specifications pages. Website users can now view the individual dock float specification drawings via PDF. To check out the sizes, and locations of mounting slots and dock attachment locations visit the dock flotation pages below.

RhinoFloat Dock Flotation Page

ShoreMaster Float Dock Flotation Page 

What makes our dock flotation the best choice for your marina? It’s our commitment to quality and the choices we offer in dock float style, size, and capacity.

You can get more information on dock flotation from an authorized ShoreMaster Dealer, or contact our Customer Care Center, we’d love to help you out.


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