Posted on February 4, 2014

ShoreMaster Pontoon Lift Release

ShoreMaster Pontoon Lift

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

ShoreMaster is excited to announce the release of our brand in vertical lift designed specifically for pontoons. The ShoreMaster Pontoon Lift was designed and built with today’s pontoon owners in mind!

It features a longer base frame to provide great stability and features our double v-side racks for easy access on either side of the lift. Available in a 4000lb and 7000lb capacity the ShoreMaster Pontoon Lift comes standard with a pontoon guide and rail system to help you to align yourself when entering the lift. Plus, the full-length pontoon racks are adjustable to provide a customized fit and help to evenly distribute the weight of the boat across the lift.

For more information check out our product page or visit your local ShoreMaster dealer.


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