Posted on February 20, 2020

ShoreMaster’s Curved Boat Dock Systems

ShoreMaster’s Curved Dock System

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

The perfect boat docking system will be one that fits you and your shoreline. ShoreMaster boat docks and boat dock accessories can help you create the waterfront that meets your practical needs, but with a curved dock system, form can meet function. The shore doesn’t naturally have straight lines and right angles, and while a lot of docks do, it just doesn’t look as nice. ShoreMaster’s exclusive 45° and 90° dock frame sections are exactly what your dock needs to look great and perform to the level you expect from any ShoreMaster product.

ShoreMaster Infinity RS4 Dock System

Industry-Leading Quality

ShoreMaster’s Infinity curved dock system has all of the benefits of our other aluminum boat docks without sacrificing versatility, functionality, and durability. The curved dock system has the same 4” ribbed rail side design that’s featured in the Infinity RS4, precision welded construction, and five-sided dock legs. These three points make curved dock sections extremely stable, safe, and sure to last for many seasons to come.

Easy to Own

Aluminum boat docks are great for any shoreline because they’re so easy to use and maintain. Aluminum offers durability even after prolonged exposure to the elements, but it’s also very lightweight, which makes seasonal installation and removal easy. ShoreMaster’s curved dock sections offer the easiest installation in the industry thanks to the exclusive InfinityTrack frame assembly and premium welded construction. High-quality parts that are easy to own and care for add to the waterfront experience by keeping your focus on enjoying your time on the shore.

Make It Unique

A curved boat docking system will automatically make your boat dock look unique: a lot of the docks and piers that you share the shore with are likely straight lines and right angles, meaning that you’re already standing out. Curved dock sections are elegant on their own, but when combined with ShoreMaster accessories and customization options, your dock becomes a true reflection of you and your waterfront experience. Clean lines and easy configurability means that there isn’t a wrong way for your dock to look, and you have the choice of nine premium decking options and the industry’s most accessories that are easy to attach to your dock perimeter and move whenever you want your dock layout to change. With ShoreMaster’s aluminum boat dock options, you can be sure that your dock will fit your needs and help you make the most of your shoreline.

Enhance Your Curve Appeal

If you’re looking into options to enhance your dock, look no further than ShoreMaster’s 2020 Enhance Your Curve Appeal Promotion. This January, we have great deals for our curved dock frames and canopy covers so that you can create your perfect waterfront. The more you spend, the more you get: every $2,500 you spend gets you a free 45° curve frame, every $5,000 is a free 90° or two 45° curve frames, and $7,500 gets you three 45° curve frame sections or one 90° and one 45° section. On top of that, we’re offering 50% off on all canopy covers to help complete your entire dock set-up. Get your dock set up and looking beautiful before the season begins by finding a ShoreMaster dealer near you.


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