Posted on November 17, 2022

Ways Floating Docks Increase Your Waterfront Property’s Value

Ways Floating Docks Increase Your Waterfront Property’s Value

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Adding a boat dock to your waterfront property is a great way to add to your home’s value. A dock is a natural addition and benefit of having a home on the water, not to mention that it adds a lot of convenience to your overall boating lifestyle. And if it’s time to sell your home and you aren’t taking your dock with you, you can leave it for the potential buyer to increase your asking price.

How much value are we talking about? It will depend on the location and condition of your home, the body of water you’re installing your dock on, and how well-maintained it is. The benefit could be as much as several thousand dollars above the cost of adding the dock. Here are the benefits of a waterfront home outfitted with a floating dock system.


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Quick and Easy Installation and Maintenance

Any dock you add to your waterfront property can be a great investment, but fixed docks can be more expensive to install and maintain. For those with very deep or fluctuating water levels, it’s likely impossible to install a fixed dock or even use a wheel-in one that won’t adjust easily. Floating docks use polyethylene floats designed for marine use to sit on top of the water, and they are attached to the shore with gangways or ramps and secured in place with anchors. They’re easy to install and customize without affecting the natural environment or worrying about getting submerged.

Protecting Your Investment in Your Boat

You put a lot of time, money, and care into your boat. A floating dock can help protect that investment even when you’re away from the water. Your dock will help keep boats and other personal watercraft in place, so they don’t collide with your property. Floating docks in particular will flow along with your boat, making collisions less likely. If collisions happen, floating docks have rounded plastic edges designed to gently bump against the vessel rather than hard edges that can damage the exterior. A floating dock can be just as stable as a fixed dock and support thousands of pounds (usually 14,000 to 20,000). Floating docks are also more durable as well as easier to repair. Since they rise and fall with the water level, boat dock accessories and electrical components will remain intact.

Getting In and Out of the Water

Having a dock on your waterfront property makes getting on and off the water much easier. Fixed docks generally don’t come with ramps or slanted platforms, and keeping your boat on a trailer and finding a place to launch it can be a chore. Floating docks can easily have boat lifts and ramps installed around the perimeter to make it easier to get back to dry land.

A Quality Waterfront Living Experience

A floating dock is a true extension of your home on the water. You’ll be entertaining friends and family out there and enjoying comfortable, easy access to the water whenever you want it. For a potential buyer, there’s the added benefit of having a boat dock system already in place. Whether you’re relaxing and enjoying the view, boating, fishing, or swimming, you’re not only adding value to your home, but adding value to your life.

Are you ready to install a floating dock of your own? We can help: a ShoreMaster dealer in your area will be able to tell you about the benefits of a floating dock on your personal waterfront.