January 19, 2023

What PWC Platform or Lift System Is Right for You

What PWC Platform or Lift System Is Right for You

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Jet skis are less expensive than larger boats but a good investment and a lot of fun for waterfront enthusiasts who like a little adrenaline with their waterfront fun. One thing that jet skis and other personal watercraft have in common with boats, though, is that exposure to the elements affects them in the same way. Protect your jet ski from wear and tear and make maintenance easier by choosing the right lift or platform.

How do you know which system is the right one for you? It depends on your needs and preferences. These are the criteria you should consider when choosing a PWC lift.

ShoreMaster PWC Lift

Size and Weight

Obviously, your PWC lift needs to be able to hold your jet ski. If it can’t support the weight of your watercraft, your PWC platform could collapse and cause damage to your jet ski or your dock. Your jet ski owner’s manual is a good place to start when figuring out how much weight capacity you need, but you’re only going to find the dry weight—the manufacturer isn’t going to account for anything you bring on. This includes attached gear or equipment, fuel, and other add-ons and upgrades. You’ll also want to consider rider weight—your owner’s manual will recommend not riding the jet ski while it’s on the lift, but since many people do it anyway, it’s worth taking it into account to avoid overloading your PWC lift.

Single or Dual Systems

Are you planning to expand your fleet eventually? Even if you only have one jet ski, you might want the ability to add another to your shoreline. The ability to park a second jet ski will also open up more opportunities to ride the waves with friends and family. If this is a benefit you want, even if it’s a few years in the future, consider a dual jet ski lift.

Lift Placement

Where will you be putting your PWC platform? Some styles can be attached directly to the shore, other platforms or lifts, or onto an existing boat dock system. You might also need to consider different anchoring systems depending on how deep your water is—namely, that a floating PWC lift is better for deep or fluctuating water systems.

Accessories and Features

Outfitting your waterfront doesn’t just end at buying a PWC platform or lift. There are helpful boat lift accessories and add-on features for watercraft and lift alike that can improve your waterfront experience. Covers, canopies, life jackets, and GPS units are practical additions that can make your life easier. Some platforms have drive-on port options or lifts with a cantilever design and winch to lift the boat out of the water instead. Winches can come in manual or electric versions, depending on whether you have an accessible power source and want even more added convenience to raising and lowering your jet ski. A good waterfront dealer will know what your options are and how you can get what you want while staying within your budget.

ShoreMaster’s extensive dealer network can help you find the best PWC platform or lift system for your shoreline. To get in touch with a local expert on your water and our products, find a local ShoreMaster dealer