Posted on July 16, 2020

Seasonal Docks: Wheel-In Docks for Seasonal Dock Owners

Wheel-In Docks for Seasonal Dock Owners

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

If you’re a seasonal boat owner or otherwise need a way to make adjustments to your dock system, a wheel-in dock might be the right choice for you. Wheel-in docks can be assembled on the shore or in the water, but what makes them great is their ability to easily wheel in and out of the water when the boating season begins and ends. When you take the wheel-in dock and combine it with ShoreMaster engineering and expertise, you get a high-quality, long-lasting, and highly customizable dock system.

ShoreMaster Infinity RS7 Dock

Premium Construction 

Like all ShoreMaster docks, wheel-in Infinity Dock Systems are industry-leading in terms of design and performance. Every part of a ShoreMaster dock from the frame to the recessed, removable deck panels is optimally designed for longevity and ease of use. Our wheel-in docks are built from premium components with precision welded aluminum construction, which makes them lightweight but durable, and our accessories have the same attention to detail in their construction. You have two wheel-in dock styles to choose from—the Infinity RS7 and Infinity TS9—both of which feature the quality and performance you’d expect from some of the best aluminum boat docks on the market. 

Consistent Durability and Strength

You’ll never have to worry about a ShoreMaster wheel-in dock feeling unsteady under your feet. An Infinity Dock wheel-in system allows you to easily install and remove your dock season after season without worrying about maintenance. Our docks are designed and built to withstand seasons of wear and tear as well as installation and removal. Even our accessories are designed to last through whatever your waterfront throws at them while maintaining high performance. Five-sided dock legs are a standard feature on ShoreMaster docks that ensures stability, especially when combined with wide poly tires and industry-leading construction.

Easy Customization

Not only does the premium construction create a durable, stable aluminum boat dock, but it also allows you to customize that dock quickly and easily for optimal performance and appearance. The 18” leg pockets allow you to adjust your dock’s height for fluctuating water levels between boating seasons, and the Infinity Frame system allows you to reconfigure your dock sections whenever you need to add on to your waterfront or make a layout change. The Infinity Track system allows you to easily add and remove accessories and change the whole system whenever you want. ShoreMaster carries the most boat dock accessories in the industry from fishing to water sports to waterfront relaxation, all equipped with the Infinity Track system, and none of which require you to drill holes to install them. Combine that with a selection of nine premium decking options and your dream boat dock is within your reach.

Limitless Lake Dock Ideas from ShoreMaster

ShoreMaster has decades of waterfront expertise that has led to the high-quality docks and lifts for your waterfront that you expect. From comfortable and coordinating dock furniture to the hardware you need to make seasonal dock ownership hassle-free, we have the widest variety of accessories and the best advice in the industry. For installation help or more information on what products would work best for your dock plans, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer.


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