Keep your battery up and out of the way for a safe, convenient lift operation.


Product Details:

  • Available for 12V (single battery) or 24V (double battery)
  • Available with Lift Leg or Canopy Mount


Works With:
  • Boat Lift Motors - 12V & 24V
  • Vertical Lifts
  • Pontoon Lifts



Conveniently mounts to inside of canopy frame or on Boat Lift Leg offering a clean look while protecting the battery from the elements. Aluminum construction frame with durable plastic base, strap included for secure battery storage. 


Parts and Installation:

Installation instructions are available for all ShoreMaster docks, boat lifts and accessories. Please reference installation instructions for individual products and/or coordinating products listed in specifications. Local dealers and our Customer Support Team are also available to help answer any questions.

24V Battery Tray