Screw Legs

ShoreMaster screw legs allow for easy height adjustment of the Infinity Dock Series, all from the convenience of your dock. This is the perfect accessory for early season installations or for those with seasonal water level fluctuations.


  • Easily adjust screw legs allow for 12” to 39” of height adjustment. The adjustment will vary depending on the screw leg size selected.
  • 4 heights available to accommodate a wide array of water depths and fluctuations
  • Available with Foot Pad/Sectional or Poly Tire/Wheel-In Compatibility
  • Aluminum Construction


  • Infinity RS4
  • Infinity RS7
  • Infinity TS9

Height from Bottom of Foot Pad/Poly Tire to Top of Deck:

Screw Legs with Foot Pads:
Shallow Water 25" to 45"
Standard 36" to 60"
Deep Water 54" to 93"

Screw Legs with Poly Tires:
Super Shallow Water 25" to 45"
Shallow Water 37" to 57"
Standard 48" to 72"
Deep Water 66" to 105"



Installation instructions are available for all ShoreMaster docks, boat lifts and accessories. Please reference installation instructions for individual products and/or coordinating products listed in specifications. Local dealers and our Customer Support Team are also available to help answer any questions.


Dock Screw Legs