Winter Boat Show Season is upon us and ShoreMaster dealers all across the Unites States and Canada couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to get out and visit with all of our customers. It’s one of our favorite times of year – second only to when we actually get to be on the water in the Summer.

Whether you’re looking for a new boat, interested in the latest boating technology, want to learn more about the waterfront lifestyle, or are looking for the best boat lifts money can buy, you might want to make a special trip out to a boating show or expo. Talking to dealers is a good way to get information on products before you buy them, but at a boat show, you’ll be able to talk to a wide range of experts on a variety of topics and see what’s new in the boating community. Boating shows are a great way to share your passion with other people and see what’s in store for your summer.

If you are unable to make it to a boat show you can always visit one of our dealers in their showroom just use our convenient dealer locator to find a dealer near you! 



Chicago Boat Show | January 9th - 13th

Portland Boat Show | January 9th - 13th

Atlanta Boat Show | January 10th - 13th

Nashville Boat Show | January 10th - 13th

Arkansas Marine Expo | January 11th - 13th

Cleveland (Mid-America) Boat Show | January 17th - 21st

Hartford Boat Show | January 17th - 20th

Milwaukee Boat Show | January 18th - 21st

Toronto International Boat Show | January 18th - 27th

Denver Boat Show | January 18th - 20th

Birmingham Boat Show | January 24th - 27th

Minneapolis Boat Show | January 24th - 27th

Seattle Boat Show | January 25th - February 2nd

Fargo Boat and Marine Products Show | January 25th - 27th


Nebraska Boat, Sport & Travel Show | February 1st - 3rd

Calgary Boat and Sportsmen's Show | February 7th - 10th

Halifax Boat Show | February 7th - 10th

Flathead Valley Marine Show | February 8th - 10th

New England Boat Show | February 9th - 17th

Duluth Boat, Sports and Travel Show | February 13th - 17th

Grand Rapids Boat Show | February 14th - 17th

Central New York (CNY) Winter Boat Show | February 14th - 17th

Knoxville Boat Show | February 14th - 17th

New Jersey Boat Sale & Expo | February 14th - 17th

Bismarck Tribune Boat Show | February 15th - 17th

Central Wisconsin Sports Show | February 15th - 17th

Lake Home & Cabin Show - Minneapolis, MN | February 15th - 17th

Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show | February 15th - 24th

Detroit Boat Show | February 16th - 24th

Colorado Springs Sportsman & Boat Expo | February 22nd - 24th

Grand Forks Boat Show | February 22nd - 24th

Hot Springs Ar. Boat Show | February 22nd - 24th

Madison Fishing Show | February 22nd - 24th

Atlantic City Boat Show | February 27th - March 3rd

Fargo Sportsmen's Boat, Camping and Vacation Show | February 28th - March 3rd

The Portland Boat Show | February 28th - March 3rd

Winnipeg Boat Show | February 28th - March 3rd

MARCH 2019

Oshkosh Boat Show | March 1st - 3rd

Chantilly Boat Show | March 8th - 10th

Minot Boat Show | March 8th - 10th

Vermont State Boat & Marine Show | March 8th - 10th

National Capital Boat Show | March 8th - 10th

Edmonton Boat & Sportsmen's Show | March 14th - 17th

Novi Boat Show | March 14th - 17th

Wisconsin Sport Show (Eau Claire) | March 15th - 17th

Worcester Boat Show | March 15th - 17th

Northwest Sportshow - Minneapolis, MN  | March 21st- 24th

Toronto Cottage Life Show  | March 21st- 24th

Greater Chicago Boat Show  | March 22nd- 24th

Great Upstate Boat Show  | March 22nd- 24th

Bemidji Jaycees Annual Home, Sport & Travel Show | March 28th - 30th

Moncton Boat Show | March 29th - 31st

The State of Maine Sportsman Show in Orono | March 29th - 31st

APRIL 2019

Bemidji Jaycees Home, Sport, and Travel Show | April 5th - 7th