Premium Sectional Dock Systems

The ShoreMaster Infinity Dock Systems utilize welded aluminum frames with InfinityTrack section attachments to provide a lightweight sectional dock system with the easiest, fastest installation. With an Infinity Sectional Dock System you’ll enjoy compact storage and maintenance free ownership. Exclusive features like 5-Side Dock Legs, 18” Leg Pockets, precision welded construction and more provide superior stability and performance so you can rest assured you’re boat dock system will out-perform all others for years to come.


Applications and Benefits:

Endless Configurability Options

Lightweight and easy assembly mean the Infinity Dock System is the idea sectional dock. Our sectional dock systems provide the ultimate in performance and aesthetics while also being easy to install and remove. Sectional docks alone provide more configurability options than wheel-in dock systems – double-slips, larger platforms. When paired with the ShoreMaster exclusive Curve sections and Infinity frame connection system the configuration options become endless.

Quick, Easy Installation & Adjustments

Removable dock decking, Infinity frame connections, and lightweight aluminum welded construction all provide for the quick, easy dock installation of your sectional dock system. Plus our 18” Leg Pockets allow for easy height adjustments for fluctuating water, while the Infinity frame system allows for re-configurability as your dock layout needs change.

Compact Storage

Don’t take up all of your shoreline or backyard with dock storage – Infinity Sectional Docks provide compact storage during the off season. Simply remove your decking and dock legs and stack frame on top of one another.

Superior Stability

5-Sided Dock Legs, 18” leg pockets, larger, pass-through foot pads and precision welded construction mean that the Infinity Dock System is the industry leader in terms of stability and performance for sectional dock systems.

rs4 pontoon lift cedar decking furniture bench with sailboat
Hydraulic lift PWC Lift flow through decking with bench

Customize Your Waterfront: ShoreMaster Dock Builder for Ultimate Waterfront Solutions


Build your dream waterfront with ShoreMaster Dock Builder. Design, customize, and visualize your ideal dock with ease. Explore endless configuration options and bring your vision to life. Start creating your perfect waterfront escape today!


ShoreMaster Infinity RS4 Dock with Curve Dock with Gray Woodgrain and Dock Lights and Vertical Lift with Pontoon

InfinityTrack Dock Accessories

Make your sectional dock system work for you with the ShoreMaster InfinityTrack accessory system. ShoreMaster offers the industry’s most dock accessories, all equipped with our hassle-free, tool-free InfinityTrack installation. It allows your Infinity Dock System to truly fit your unique needs.


ShoreMaster Infinity RS4 with curve dock with Woodgrain Decking

9 Premium Decking Options

With an industry-leading 9 premium decking options, the Infinity Dock System allows you to truly customize your sectional dock. From our distinctive aluminum woodgrain options to the functional Vertex and Glacier decking no other dock manufacturer provides a more versatile or personal decking experience.