Posted on April 3, 2014

5 Reasons Why Welded Docks and Lifts Are Better Than Bolt-Together Docks and Boat Lifts

5 Reasons Why Welded Docks and Lifts Are Better Than Bolt-Together Docks and Boat Lifts

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

shoremaster-trust-experience-pontoon-liftThere are are a lot of reasons why a predominantly welded dock or boat boat lift is superior to a predominantly bolted-together dock or boat lift. Below are 5 reasons why welded docks and boat lifts are better than bolt-together docks and boat lifts, most of them center around the reduced maintenance and superior durability of welded docks and lifts.

  1. Less Maintenance. Why would you want to spend your first and last weekend of the summer, and at least a couple of days mid-summer checking and tightening all of the nuts and bolts on your boat lift and dock just to make sure everything was tight? We’re pretty sure you don’t. In that case, we strongly suggest that you purchase a high-quality welded boat lift or dock from ShoreMaster. ShoreMaster’s welded boat lifts and docks keep you from spending your entire summer tightening up hundreds of nuts and bolts after every storm or windy day. Welded boat lifts and docks save you time because they require less maintenance.
  2. Welded Boat Lifts and Docks Stay as True and Square as The Day You Bought Them Because Welds do not become loose over time. A bolt together dock or boat lift will eventually become loose due to normal use, prolonged periods of heavy waves crashing into the frame, and corrosion of the hardware. If you neglect to tighten a loose bolt on your dock or boat lift, other parts of the dock or boat lift such as the cables, pulleys, winch, or other bolted on frame components can wear prematurely causing failure of not just one part but several parts at the same time. This can be costly to repair and can make it extremely difficult for you to discover the source of the failure.
  3. Welded Docks and Lifts Can Save You Hours During Assembly. When it comes to assembling a dock, boat lift, boat lift canopy, or anything really, you’ll be glad that you choose a welded product over a bolt together product because welded products typically take far less time to assemble than a bolt together product. Consider for a moment that assembly of ShoreMaster’s canopy frame can be completed by just one person in as little as 20 minutes because the canopy frame includes just four welded components; two canopy ends and two canopy sides. Other manufacturers may have many dozens of components that you’ll need to bolt together.
  4. Bolt Together Docks and Lifts Make It Easier To Replace Damaged Parts, But You May Be Less Likely to Need To Replace Parts With A Welded Dock or Lift. That’s right! It is easier to replace parts on a bolt together dock or lift. This seems like a benefit until you realize it is also more likely that most dock and boat lift parts can become bent and damaged simply by forgetting to tighten a loose bolt on your bolt together dock or lift. ShoreMaster’s welded docks and lifts do not require replacement of frame parts caused by unusual wear due to loose, missing, or corroded welds. The same can’t be said of bolt together docks and lifts.
  5. Welded Docks and Lifts Offer Higher Resale Value. Because welds are permanent and require no maintenance, you may find that your welded-together dock and lift is more valuable at resale time because welds will not rust or corrode like hardware. Potential buyers will be wary of the impending costs to replace worn out or corroded hardware.


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