Posted on June 2, 2022

A Guide to Selecting the Best Dock Accessories

A Guide to Selecting the Best Dock Accessories

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

A boat dock can be a simple walkway out to your boat, but it doesn’t have to be. Waterfronts are increasingly becoming entertainment spaces and extensions of the home, branching out onto different sections and featuring attached accessories for many activities. Whether you’re a water sports fan, swimmer, fisher, or just want to sit on your dock and watch the world go by, there are accessory options that will work for you.

ShoreMaster has the largest selection of high-quality boat dock accessories in the industry, and many have customization options of their own. From the practical to the extravagant, we can accommodate nearly any taste and budget. If browsing our entire catalog seems overwhelming, we can start with a couple of categories to get the inspiration flowing.

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The Practical and Safe

Above all else, your dock should be safe to walk on and be able to hold your boat lift and boat securely. Dock bumpers and guides will help make sure that you’re steering your boat safely into the lift no matter what the conditions are like. Install dock lights on the legs or underneath your canopy system for ambiance and safety alike, and if they’re solar-powered, that’s even better. Have a battery tray underneath your canopy for your motorized boat lift or other electronic accessories that are safe from the water. If you’re a seasonal boater, a leg wheel kit can make removing your system much easier at the end of the summer.

For the Fisher

If you’re lucky enough to be able to fish off of your dock, we have accessories for you. Our fishing rod holder for docks can secure standard fishing rod sizes to give you a chance to get a drink or untangle a kid’s line. If you’re the kind of fisher that eats what you catch, we offer a dockside cleaning station and a propane grill that can give you a fresh meal right away. 

For the Sports Enthusiast

Sports come with a lot of stuff, and a place to store that stuff is essential. Consider dock boxes or netting that can fit in your canopy to keep all of your gear tucked away and off of the dock where it can be a tripping hazard. For kayaks, canoes, and other smaller watercraft, consider watersports racks. We even offer a Dockside basketball hoop that can attach along the perimeter of your Infinity Dock System. Don’t forget a ladder to get out of the water safely once you’re done paddling or retrieving your ball from the water.

For Getting Away from It All

A comfortable chair or bench on the water’s edge is a great way to relax. We have dock furniture in an array of styles, colors, and budget options for your dock. Whether you have a romantic dinner on the water’s edge, watch the sunset with a cup of coffee, or snuggle up next to a bonfire after a long summer day, we have the furniture that can make your perfect summer day complete—even if you’re not going anywhere.

ShoreMaster Boat Dock Accessories

Our attention to detail, engineering expertise, waterfront life experience, and high-quality craftsmanship made ShoreMaster an industry leader years ago. We continue to stand out from our competitors. We pioneered the aluminum boat dock and lift, which have been trusted for decades to provide unmatched waterfront experiences across the United States and Canada. If you’re looking for aesthetic appeal, the ultimate in customization, and high-quality accessories and systems that work with your waterfront, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer.