Posted on June 16, 2022

What Are the Best Docks for Lakes?

What Are the Best Docks for Lakes?

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Lakefront property owners are some of the luckiest among water enthusiasts. There are few things more idyllic than spending time on a lake in the summer, whether in a large public marina full of boats or some quiet family time on the dock outside of your cabin. No matter where you are or how you’re spending time on the water, a dock will likely be at the centerpiece of your lakefront summer. It’s the starting point for most of your activities and can be an extension of your home and entertainment space—such a significant investment deserves a lot of thought. Consider these criteria and options when buying a premium boat dock for your lake.

Floating Docks

Instead of being fixed to the bottom of your lake, floating docks are mounted on either modular floating pieces or a framework on top of floating barrels, connected to the shore, and held in place in the water with an anchor. Floating docks can work on all shorelines and bottom types, making them an excellent option for any waterfront property owner. What makes them even better for lake owners is that they automatically adjust to water fluctuations, which are a common phenomenon on lakes—since floating docks don’t have legs, they can rise and fall with your water levels. And suppose you have a high-quality floating dock, like ShoreMaster’s Floating FTS9 dock system. In that case, you won’t have to worry about stability—a well-made dock constructed with the best materials and engineering in the business is perfectly stable. 

Sectional or Modular Dock Systems

There’s something to be said for permanent docks in an area where you can leave your dock year-round, but that’s not always the case for lakefront dock owners. But permanent structures don’t allow for the flexibility that a removable system offers, and some can be quite expensive. Modular and sectional dock systems are an affordable choice that gives you the flexibility to change your layout and add on to your dock system if you need or want to make a change.

Sectional docks also give the seasonal lakefront boater an advantage. They come apart easily, store easily, and can be easily removed from the water. Once the weather starts getting cold, a sectional dock lets you tear down your system and store it until next year. The best-quality docks will be easy to care for, lightweight enough to easily haul out of the water, and require little maintenance between seasons.

High-Quality Aluminum Dock Materials

When it comes to boat docks for lakes, you’re getting what you pay for a lot of the time. It can be tempting to buy something as cheaply as possible, but that won’t offer you a lifetime of use or the peace of mind that you want when your dock is the only thing between you, your boat, and disaster. Consider the upfront investment along with durability, maintenance, damage risks, and the impact on the environment when you’re shopping for your dock. We at ShoreMaster like to use marine-grade aluminum in our products for the combination of durability, lightweight properties, and minimal maintenance requirements. High-quality dock decking that’s properly maintained can also last for years.

If you’re looking into floating docks, the construction of the flotation system matters as well. ShoreMaster floating docks use an outer shell for water displacement and buoyancy as well as to hold the foam filling. The filling consists of expanded polystyrene beads that will keep your dock buoyant even in the unlikely event of a puncture or other damage. All of our floats meet or exceed the Hunt Absorption Test.

Flexibility and Options in Your Dock System

Your boat dock isn’t just the frame and decking, either. It could hold your boat lift, ladders, lights, cleats and bumpers, watersports equipment racks, and any number of other waterfront accessories. ShoreMaster has accessories for just about anything you can imagine doing on the water, along with the attention to detail and fine engineering we use for our boat dock systems. With our QuickConnect Frame System, you can attach boat dock accessories and sections together with no or very few tools, making it easy to make changes and get the setup you really want.

ShoreMaster docks are sectional, made from high-quality materials, and our floating docks are durable and stable enough to withstand whatever your lake has to offer. We have the largest number of options for accessories and aesthetics in the industry, which will let your dock be truly unique. To get started on your dock system, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer