December 7, 2023

Best Boat Dock Accessories for Your Holiday Wish List

Best Boat Dock Accessories for Your Holiday Wish List

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Discover the essential accessories for boat docks to add to your holiday wishlist. Upgrade your dock with our curated list of the best boat dock accessories.

In recent years, docks have evolved from simple, pragmatic contraptions for accessing boats to entertainment spaces and outdoor extensions of the home. With the holiday season upon us, we’ve curated some of the best boat dock accessories to elevate your waterfront experience, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy what you love even more.

Must-Have Boat Dock Accessories for Every Boater

Spruce up your boat dock with the following accessories and transform your waterfront into a more enjoyable and inviting space. 

Premium Dock Furniture and Chairs

Forget about pulling chairs and tables out to your dock. Our premium dock furniture instantly elevates your dock’s form and function. They come in five color and fabric options (Aluminum, Brindle, Dorset, Nova, and Carbon), allowing you to match aesthetics with your unique waterfront lifestyle. 

The package includes two chairs (in the fabric of choice), one table, and one umbrella (in coordinating fabric). These lovely additions work with our Infinity Dock Systems, including:

  • Infinity RS4
  • Infinity RS7
  • Infinity TS9
  • Infinity FTS9

Got a bigger crew? We also have On- and Off-Deck Lakeview Benches. While both provide comfortable, durable seating, the latter does so without sacrificing valuable dock space. Our Lakeview Benches’ contoured seat and backrest are shaped to provide ergonomic comfort, while their rotationally molded construction and aluminum frame require little to no maintenance. 

Enjoy an early morning cup of coffee before heading into the water or bask in beautiful sunsets with the family. With our premium furniture, you can enjoy your dock long after you get out of the water. 

Dockside Fire Table

For those who treat their docks as an extension of home, our Dockside Fire Table is the perfect holiday addition. Available in hickory or glacier finish and designed to withstand the elements season after season, our dock-mounted fire table instantly elevates your dock’s coziness factor. 

Each fire table comes standard with the following: 

  • 20” round 60,000 BTU stainless steel black powder-coated burner
  • External key valve
  • Match-throw ignition
  • Natural gas orifice
  • 20 pounds of fire jewelry
  • Black, ¾” fire burner riser

If you have any questions about boat dock accessories & parts, our local dealers and customer support team are always happy to help. 

Dockside Grill

Be the envy of the lakefront with convenient grilling power at the water’s edge. Our Dockside Grill is crafted with high-quality stainless steel and features a simple control knob for precise heat control with a push-button igniter and a built-in thermometer. 

Each Dockside Grill set includes:

  • Removable warming rack and liner
  • Grease tray
  • Latching lid and stay-cool handle

You can use the Dockside Grill with disposable one-pound propane canisters or larger refillable tanks with hose attachments. It also utilizes the ShoreMaster InfinityTrack accessory system, so you can attach it anywhere along the perimeter of a dock section. 

Watersport Racks

Expand your waterfront lifestyle with fun dock accessories. Our Watersport Racks for canoes, kayaks, or paddleboards let you choose between a single or double rack and attach anywhere along your dock’s perimeter. 

While you’re at it, why not get a Dockside Basketball Hoop to add even more fun to your waterfront experience? The backboard measures 44” x 30” while its 18” diameter rim comes with a waterproof nylon net for seasons of fun. 

Safety and Maintenance: Boat Dock Accessories You Shouldn’t Skip

Make your boat dock a safe space for your family and your vessel with these docking accessories


Give your dock total protection from boat traffic with our selection of bumpers. These include the following safety accessories:

  • Vertical Dock Bumper: The perfect way to protect your precious boat from scratches and scuffs when moored alongside your ShoreMaster Infinity dock system. You can also get an adapter kit if you need to install the bumpers horizontally. 
  • Corner Dock Bumper: Made with rotationally molded hollow core PVC, our corner dock bumpers come in five color options (black, blue, tan, gray, and white).

Finally, we also have white 10’ bumpers, which you can attach to the dockside rail. All our bumpers are specifically designed for easy installation with ShoreMaster Infinity dock systems. 

Contact our local dealers for more information about ShoreMaster dock parts. 

Dock Steps with Handrails 

At ShoreMaster, we’ve always designed products to get you in and out of the water as conveniently and safely as possible. Our Dock Steps with Handrails can be mounted anywhere along a ShoreMaster dock frame, making it a seamless addition to your dock and slip setup. 

It also boasts the following features:

  • 4- or 6-step configuration
  • All-aluminum construction for hassle-free ownership
  • Adjustable height for fluctuating water and changing placement on the water bottom

We also offer the following steps and handrails:

  • Pivoting Dock Ladder: The ladder’s vertical pivoting action and locking pin allow you to flip it up when not in use. 
  • Pivoting QuickSteps with Handrail: Whether you need dock steps or landscaping steps, the possibilities are endless with ShoreMaster QuickSteps. Install it as an ascending or descending unit, while its pivoting hinge design allows for adaptability to nearly any slope. 

Safety, stability, and durability — these are what you get when you add ShoreMaster steps to your docking system. 

Dock Lights

Enjoy your Infinity Dock System deep into the night with our lighting options. Our Solar Dock Lights feature an unobtrusive low profile and can be mounted directly into the dock leg caps, which means no wires, no tripping, and no wasted dock space. 

If you have a boat lift, give it that evening glow with our Lift Boss Canopy Light Kit. The bright LED light uses adhesive mounting along the canopy frame for easy installation, allowing you to work on your boat long after the sun sets. 


With the industry's largest array of accessories for boat docks, we also offer a collection of holders to suit all waterfront lifestyles. These include the following:

  • Fishing Rod Holders: Choose from a single or four-rod holder. Both feature an upright, secure design that eliminates tangling and sideways leaning. Our holders can also accommodate fishing nets, brooms, and boat hooks.
  • Umbrella Holders: Our umbrella holders serve as a simple solution to get respite from the scorching sun. 
  • Flag Holder: With an adjustable angle and tilt and secure built-in thumb screw, this accessory lets you fly the flag of your choice.

Finally, our multi-purpose hooks provide a straightforward storage solution for swim towels, life jackets, wet suits, and hoses. 

Boat Dock Accessorizing Tips: What to Look For This Holiday Season

When shopping accessories for boat docks, always think about what would make you enjoy your waterfront even more. Once you sort that out, make sure the accessories you choose are compatible with your dock. 

Here are a few additional tips:

  • Choose accessories made with high-quality materials. This ensures you can enjoy your investment for years.
  • Consider your available space. You don’t want to overcrowd your dock with too many accessories. 
  • The best dock accessories that are easy to install and remove.

Founded on three core principles: innovative designs, superior quality, and hassle-free ownership, the Infinity Waterfront System is the industry’s most versatile docking solution. The complementary InfinityTrack dock accessories stay true to this mantra while providing seamless integration, resulting in an accessories catalog that requires no holes to drill and no tools for installation or removal. 

Contact us or our local dealers today to learn more about customizing your dock for your distinct waterfront lifestyle.