Posted on January 21, 2021

Aluminum Rusting: Can an Aluminum Dock Rust?

Can an Aluminum Dock Rust?

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Your dock is your access to your boat, fishing spots, swimming hole, and outdoor relaxation space. It’s a very personal space, and you want to make the right choice in foundation materials to ensure that your waterfront system is beautiful and functional for years to come. This is what makes aluminum a premium dock and decking material choice.

Your aluminum dock from ShoreMaster won’t rust. Rust is iron oxide, and aluminum generally doesn’t have any iron in it. Aluminum also won’t warp, decay, rot, or twist over time and doesn’t get damaged as quickly as other dock decking options. These are some of the other benefits you can get from your rust-free aluminum dock.

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Good for the DIYer

The upfront cost of aluminum might be more than some other materials, but it’s an excellent investment. If you’re a seasonal boater or otherwise have to set up and tear down your dock a lot, aluminum is a perfect choice for you. Aluminum decking and frames tend to be lighter and easier to move than plastic, composite, plastic. Other metals, making it much more possible to install and remove your sectional dock panels and the frame without needing a dealer’s help (however, please get some help from friends—you shouldn’t install a dock alone, no-matter how lightweight it is).

Much Less Maintenance

If you’re not the kind of person that enjoys big DIY projects, aluminum is an even better choice. Your aluminum dock can be set out and forgotten about. Aluminum requires little if any maintenance to keep performing well and looking good season after season. It doesn’t require staining or finish as wood does, and aluminum only needs to be cleaned as often as you think it does.

Stays Beautiful and Durable for Years

As we said, it takes a lot to break aluminum down, and it’s effortlessly good-looking: not only will you avoid unsightly rust spots and other damage, but you’ll do it with minimal effort and with an array of customization options. Aluminum is very durable and can be powder-coated, painted, or anodized into various color options (including woodgrain, the traditionalist that likes the look of wood without the maintenance). For a dock that will always be an attractive waterfront feature no matter how often you take it down, set it up, rearrange it, or clean it, aluminum is a sturdy foundation for a dock system that will perform well for years, even as your needs change.

ShoreMaster Docks

When it comes to creating your perfect waterfront, quality, and choices are essential criteria. With ShoreMaster as your dealer, you get both. ShoreMaster has been in the waterfront business for decades and has the experience and engineering expertise to continuously improve our products and your experience. Between that and the best selection of sectional docks, dock decking, and other dock options in the industry, your perfect waterfront is within reach. Get in touch with a local ShoreMaster dealer who will be an expert on your water and our products to get started on your dream dock.


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