Posted on January 14, 2021

Ultimate Fishing Experience

Ultimate Fishing Experience

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

If you’re lucky enough to have the perfect fishing spot right on your shoreline, you’ll want to take advantage of that as much as you can. Whether you catch and release, eat what you catch, or just enjoy sitting on your dock, ShoreMaster has accessories to help you have the ultimate fishing experience.

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Fishing Rod Holder

A simple tool, but one that makes fishing very convenient, a dock fishing rod holder will attach to your dock and hold your rod for you when you have to look away for a bit. Ours has all-aluminum construction and can be moved anywhere along your dock perimeter so you can stay close to the fish.

Dock Furniture

Part of fishing is being able to relax, and dock furniture will help you do that. ShoreMaster has dock furniture options for just about every budget and preference, from premium sets of dock furniture to lakeview benches that let you sit with a beverage and a friend while you wait for the fish to bite.

Dock Lights

Did you know that different colors of light can help anglers? Greenlight travels through the water better than any other dock light color, and it can help promote zooplankton growth, which means baitfish and larger fish are more attracted to your pier. Even if you choose a different color, solar dock lights are a great, discreet way to keep fishing in the early morning and late at night.

Fish Cleaning Table

Cleaning your catch right on your dock keeps your fish fresh for the table. ShoreMaster’s Infinity Track compatible fish cleaning table comprises high-quality materials designed to be easy to use and easy to clean.

Dockside Grill

Why not have your seafood dinner on the dock from start to finish? A dockside grill gives you everything you need to grill your fish and side dishes right on your pier. Just connect it to a propane tank for grilling power right on your shore.

ShoreMaster Boat Dock Accessories

All of the accessories you need to create the ultimate waterfront experience, complete with fishing, are available at ShoreMaster. We’re industry leaders with the best selection of boat dock accessories and options and can help you create your perfect dock. Talk to a local ShoreMaster dealer to get started. 

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