Posted on October 29, 2020

Removal and Maintenance Tips for Caring for Your Dock During Winter Months

Caring for Docks During Winter Months

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Your dock sits in the water all summer, but if you’re a seasonal boat owner, you already know what the chilly weather means. Removing your boat dock system from the water in the fall will help avoid winter damage, especially if your waterfront experiences a lot of ice movement. Once you’ve removed and stored your boat lift and accessories, you need to think about your dock itself. Come up with your plan for removing and caring for your dock before the weather gets really cold.

ShoreMaster Vertical Lifts

Installation and Removal Accessories

A lightweight aluminum boat dock A lightweight aluminum boat dock can be removed from the water with some help, but some accessories can make the process easier and faster—and the ones from ShoreMaster are Infinity Boat Dock compatible. A boat lifting arm can hook onto a boat lift and allow you to use leverage to remove and carry a boat lift to shore. Attaching specially designed tires to your dock will enable you to easily roll the dock out rather than lift or drag it, and a wheel caddy can add more convenience to the shore-to-water transition. Why work harder than you need to?

Aluminum Boat Dock Frames

A lightweight aluminum boat dockRemove your dock from the water and store it somewhere flat that won’t flood. Put blocks or pallets underneath the dock sections and legs to keep them off of the ground. Make sure your boat dock is stored right side up: there are drain holes in the bottom of the pier and legs that allow water to pass through if it’s upright, but if a dock is upside-down, that water could be retained or accumulated, which can lead to freezing and other damage.

Dock Decking

A lightweight aluminum boat dockNo matter what your dock decking is made of, you should remove it, clean it, and store it in a dry place. Decking should be stacked face-to-face and clip-to-clip and stored in stacks of no higher than ten sections. Wood decking is best stored flat, but plastic and aluminum decking can be stood on their ends as long as you’re careful not to drag the panels against each other. If you can’t store decking inside, cover it with a tarp or plastic to keep out the weather, debris, and dirt, but make sure there’s enough airflow to inhibit moisture and mold. Whether your decking is stored, use pallets or blocking to lift it off the ground to protect it from more damage. If you’re outdoors and expecting snow, mark your storage area with flags to prevent collisions with ATVs and snowmobiles. Do you need more sectional dock storage advice? Are you planning for next season and need to research Infinity Boat Dock accessories? ShoreMaster’s customer support team and dealer network can help; contact a local ShoreMaster dealer for more information.


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