Posted on November 5, 2020

FAQs: Boat Lift Canopy Frequently Asked Questions

Boat Lift Canopies: FAQ

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

An aluminum boat lift is a great way to protect your boat, but your boat lift system is incomplete without a canopy. A boat lift canopy helps protect a boat even further by shielding it from the sun, wind-blown debris, and other environmental conditions. The right boat lift canopy fits your frame, aesthetic, and boat while lasting for years to come, and ShoreMaster has answers to your common boat lift canopy questions.

How do I measure for a canopy cover?

When you purchase a canopy frame and a canopy from the same manufacturer, they’re likely to be compatible fits as long as you buy the right size. If you’re looking for a replacement cover or the size information isn’t available, you’ll have to measure. You’ll want the overall frame length, inside width, length of side rails (without end caps), and outside width of the frame to determine your canopy dimensions. A canopy cover with rounded ends or a canopy skirt will also enhance its protective qualities. Make sure to double-check your measurements before buying anything!

What material is best for a canopy cover?

Boat lift canopy systems are at their best when their cover is durable and lightweight. A quality canopy cover will be made out of material that’s suited for marine environments: it should be highly water repellent and resistant to mold, mildew, abrasion, and ultraviolet light while looking good and staying stable for a great fit. Canopy covers should also be vented to allow breathability. ShoreMaster canopy covers are made of lightweight fabric with an exclusive topcoat for maximum protection and easy installation, removal, and handling.

Should I cover my boat every night?

You should! Boats that are outside are exposed to the elements that can damage them. You wouldn’t want to go to bed and wake up to find that a storm blew through overnight and damaged your boat. A high-quality cover that allows air circulation can keep your boat clean, dry, and protected when you’re not using it.

How do I fold a canopy cover?

Before you start taking down your cover to store it, find a friend to help you out—even with a lightweight cover, folding a boat lift canopy is challenging to do on your own. These instructions also apply to curved canopy covers: just tuck the ends, corners, and ruffles as best as you can. Once your canopy is clean and dry, remove it from the frame and lay it on the ground. Start folding the cover over like a sleeping bag and smooth it out as you go, folding about a foot and a half of cover at a time until you’re halfway through. Repeat the folding process from the opposite side. Bring one end of the folded cover over to the other, and tightly roll up the fabric starting at the fold, pressing the air out as you go until you get to the end. If you’re storing it for the fall and winter, make sure it’s in a dry, safe place.

Do you still have questions about your boat lift canopy? Would you like installation advice or recommendations for boat lift accessories and parts? Our customer support team can help! Contact a local ShoreMaster dealer for advice on what will work best for your waterfront.


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