November 23, 2023

Designing Your Dream Boat Dock

Designing Your Dream Boat Dock

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Get started on designing your custom boat dock with expert tips and insights. Read our article to learn more.


How do you define your dream boat dock? For some people, the perfect docking setup looks beautiful and performs effortlessly — a seamless blend of form and function. For others, the ideal boat dock is flexible, durable, low-maintenance, and able to adapt to their evolving needs. 


But whatever you need in terms of functionality, quality, and looks — designing your custom boat dock requires working with a company that has a thorough grasp of the fundamental considerations, the lifestyle, and the dedication to provide the very best waterfront experience.  


In this article, we discuss different factors for achieving the waterfront of your dreams and why you should consider the customer-centric experts at ShoreMaster to help you realize it.

Designing Process Made Easy

With its collection of brands offering an array of waterfront solutions, designing custom boat docks with ShoreMaster is as comprehensive as it is simple. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your vision comes to life. 

Consultation and Site Assessment

When you consult with one of the dealers in our extensive network, they’ll visit your property to assess the conditions and discuss your specific desires and requirements. 

Below are some of the factors you must consider during this pivotal phase:

  • Waterfront Conditions: Examine the characteristics of your waterfront property to determine the most compatible docking system type. This includes factors such as water depth, shoreline slope, and soil composition. Understanding these key elements allows our experts to make informed recommendations for a boat dock that’s aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. 
  • Environmental Considerations: Consider any local regulations or environmental restrictions that may impact the design and installation process. This ensures that your dream dock aligns harmoniously with the surrounding ecosystem. 
  • Your Unique Desires and Requirements: Of course, elite custom boat docks should allow you to do everything you enjoy about the water. Whether it’s a dedicated space for lounging and fishing, a launch pad for watersports, or a versatile blend of lifestyle options, our experts ensure your vision will be at the forefront of the collaborative design process. 
  • Safety: This includes assessing factors like water traffic, prevailing weather conditions, and potential environmental hazards.  
  • Material Recommendations: Based on the assessment, our team will provide tailored recommendations for materials that best suit your waterfront conditions. Choose from a bevy of premium materials ranging from corrosion-resistant frames to resilient polyethylene decking that complement the natural surroundings. Every aspect will be carefully considered to ensure your custom dock suits your unique needs, lifestyle, and budget. 

If your property has existing structures or features like custom boat dock signs, we'll explore how to seamlessly integrate these elements into your dream dock and ensure a cohesive and visually appealing layout. 

Design and Customization

Following the foundational site assessment, it’s time to bring your dream boat dock to life. During this phase, we’ll work closely with you to find the perfect mix of dock system, layout, and accessories. 

Here’s a closer look at what this phase entails:

  • Dock Systems: We offer three types of dock systems – Sectional, Wheel-In, and Floating – to match your waterfront needs. For reference, sectional systems offer easy installation and endless configurations. Our wheel-in docks are ideal for seasonal dock owners, while our floating docks combine reliability with ease of ownership. 
  • Layout Options: Similarly, our range of modular components results in abundant layout options. Whether you prefer a straight platform, a T-shaped design, or something entirely unique, our dock systems offer endless possibilities. 
  • Accessories: Our extensive catalog of dock accessories makes your custom boat dock truly uniqe. From custom boat dock lines, cleats, and steps that add functionality to fire tables and cozy seating areas, you can shape your dream boat dock to suit your desired lifestyle.   

We understand that custom built boat docks should be an extension of the owner’s personal style and preferences. With a plethora of options, accessories, and add-ons, ShoreMaster allows you to fine-tune every detail to perfection.  

Installation and Maintenance

If it’s your first install, we recommend getting professional help from your local dealer to help ensure everything is done right. 

Should you opt to DIY, here are a few installation and maintenance tips:

  • Follow the directions: Manufacturer guidelines are there to ensure that your boat dock is properly installed and able to withstand fluctuating water conditions. The same goes for maintenance recommendations. 
  • Inspect everything: Find anything that needs cleaning, lubricating, or tightening. This ensures your boat dock is in top form.

For succeeding boating seasons, we also offer wheel kits, lift assist tools, and QuickConnect accessories to make installation as seamless as possible.  


Can I get a warranty for my custom boat dock, and what does it cover?

Warranty coverage begins on the date of purchase, as shown on your receipt or invoice. The warranty period will depend on individual parts. For example, the ShoreMaster Infinity Aluminum Dock Frames have a warranty period of 15 years, with a three-year labor warranty. 

Check our complete product warranty details for more information.  

What other features can I add to my custom boat dock?

ShoreMaster carries the largest array of accessories in the industry, allowing you to do everything you love on the water. These include the following:

  • Solar lights
  • Dock furniture (lounge tables and chairs)
  • Bumpers
  • Storage mounts
  • Fans
  • Grills
  • Custom boat dock boarding mat rug

Tell our dealers what you envision and enjoy, and they’ll equip your dream boat dock with everything you need. 

Are there any financing options available for custom boat dock construction?

Contact your local ShoreMaster dealer to learn more about financing options. If you need help finding a dock dealer near you, get in touch with us, and we’ll point you in the right direction.