November 30, 2023

Your Boat. Your Investment. Protect It — The Importance of a Canopy for Boat Lifts

Your Boat. Your Investment. Protect It — The Importance of a Canopy for Boat Lifts

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing


Secure your craft with a top-notch canopy for boat lifts from ShoreMaster. Preserve your boat’s value and appearance with durable boat canopy covers. Shop now to find the ideal boat lift canopy for you!

Your boat is more than just a vessel — it’s an investment in relaxation, adventure, and creating core memories. And just like any valuable asset, it deserves the best possible protection. That’s where ShoreMaster’s top-notch canopy for boat lift comes in.

 We understand that your boat is a vessel for living your best life. That’s why we designed and constructed a comprehensive catalog of canopy systems to shield your vessel from the sun, wind, and rain. Below, we explore the diverse range of canopy options available from ShoreMaster and why they’re a fundamental addition to your docking waterfront property.

Why Your Boat Deserves the Best Protection

Even in the best conditions, boats are exposed to fluctuating environments and constant threats from the elements. Sun exposure can fade and damage the hull and upholstery, while rain and wind can cause corrosion and mold growth. Even on a boat lift and dock, your watercraft is still susceptible to dust, dirt, and a steady diet of bird droppings. 

A boat lift canopy provides a crucial layer of defense against these harmful elements and offers the following key benefits: 

  • Protects from Sun Damage: Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause the hull and upholstery to fade, crack, and damage other boat lift parts. A boat lift canopy acts as a shield, blocking the sun’s assault so your boat can keep looking at its best. 
  • Prevents Rain and Moisture Damage: Rain and moisture can lead to corrosion, marine and mold growth, and other potential damage to your boat’s components. By keeping your boat dry, a canopy helps prevent these issues, therefore boosting its performance and extending its lifespan. 
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs: By protecting your boat from the harmful effects of the elements, a canopy helps minimize the need for maintenance and repairs, saving you money in the long run. 
  • Enhances Curb Appeal: A well-designed, quality boat lift canopy can significantly boost your waterfront property’s visual appeal. For example, our Hip-Roof Canopy Frame’s less intrusive aesthetic adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your dock, effectively increasing your property’s value. 

To learn more about boat lift canopies and other docking solutions, contact your local ShoreMaster dealer today. 

Types of Canopies: Finding the Perfect Match for Your Boat Lift

ShoreMaster offers a wide range of boat lift models and canopy systems to suit the needs of any boat owner. These include the following premium offerings:

Traditional Canopy Frames 

These frames are designed for exceptional coverage, durability, and ease of installation. Its curved design and optional canopy skirts provide a deep frame pocket so your watercraft gets full protection from the elements. Meanwhile, its four-piece welded construction combines superior durability with the industry’s quickest and easiest assembly and installation. 

TowerMaxx Canopy System

Fantastic coverage and outstanding ease of access are what you get from the TowerMaxx Canopy System. These frames are ideal for boats with towers or pontoons with Bimini tops. They feature a unique mesh end design that allows air to flow through the canopy and a push-button system that allows the back end of the frame to swing up for easy access. 

Hip-Roof Canopy Frames 

ShoreMaster’s hip-roof canopy frame is designed to provide watercraft coverage with a less intrusive aesthetic, making it ideal for marinas and waterfronts with restrictions on obstructing views. Additionally, the frame’s pitch is constructed to shed rain and moisture seamlessly, while its welded construction makes it incredibly durable and easy to install and maintain. 

HarborTime Covers

HarborTime offers a lighter-weight option while maintaining ShoreMaster’s trademark durability. The canopy boasts the following features:

  • A lightweight cover option weighing only 11 ounces per square foot for easy installation and removal 
  • Highly water-repellent and resistant to mildew and ultraviolet light
  • Acrylic-coated polyester fabric cover combining a soft feel with a long lifespan
  • Deep scalloping around the perimeter provides extra coverage

In addition, HarborTime Covers provide top-notch abrasion resistance and superior strength, making it perfect for any marine environment.  

With ShoreMaster, you can find the perfect canopy for your boat lift and protect your investment for years to come. If you have boat lift canopy FAQs, contact us today to learn more about our products and find a local dealer near you. 

Installation Guide: Setting Up Your Boat Lift Canopy

We know how valuable your time on the water is. Our products help you make the most of it. We designed our canopy systems for easy and quick installation. 

Here’s a quick overview of the process:

  1. Place both frame sides with the center tubes together.
  2. While holding the frame slides together, slide one canopy frame end into the exposed ends. Repeat on the other side and secure the ends.
  3. Bolt the frame sides together. 
  4. If you don’t have a hydraulic boat lift, remove all the weight from the lift and the caps from the boat lift uprights. Loosen the nuts and bolts holding the lift winch in place. Be mindful of their positions, as you’ll reattach them once the canopy legs are in place. 
  5. Attach the canopy legs by sliding them into the opening in the lift uprights. Ensure they’re set at the right height before bolting them in place. 
  6. If you have sliding canopy legs, insert a carriage bolt in the lift leg and attach it loosely with a brass nut.
  7. Slide the slotted canopy leg over the carriage bolt and tighten the nut at the right height. 
  8. Place the assembled canopy frame into the U-shaped channels and slide into position. 
  9. Place the boat hoist cover over the canopy frame, ensuring it fits equally over the entire frame. 
  10. Bolt the frame into position. 
  11. Put your frame in position. 
  12. Secure your cover to the frame with the bungee cords inside it. 

A few reminders:

  • Never raise your lift past the recommended height. 
  • Don’t leave the cover on the frame unless it’s firmly in place. 
  • Make sure everything is anchored properly before use. 

We don’t recommend installing your boat lift canopy alone. If you don’t have friends around to help, contact an authorized ShoreMaster dealer for assistance with your boat lift canopy installation.  

Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Canopy in Top Condition

With proper care, your boat lift canopy will provide years of protection for your prized possession. If you’re wondering how to clean a boat lift canopy, here are some tips for maintaining your canopy:

  • Clean Regularly 

Regularly cleaning your boat lift canopy cover removes dirt, debris, and other elements. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the fabric. Instead, use a soft brush, mild soap, and water. Rinse the soap off both sides of the cover before drying it — a garden hose with a flat spray nozzle will do the job. 

  • Inspect Often 

Take the time to inspect your canopy for signs of wear, tear, or damage. Be proactive with any potential issues to prevent further damage. Ask your local dealer about their warranty policies to stay on top of maintaining your boat lift canopy

  • Ensure Proper Storage 

When you’re not using your canopy, store it in a dry, protected area away from direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions. Taking the time to fold the cover properly prolongs its lifespan. With the help of a friend, you can fold all ShoreMaster canopy covers the same way: tuck the corners in as you fold, and don’t worry about the edges forming a straight line. 

Lay your clean and dry boat canopy cover flat on the ground with one person at each end. Fold it horizontally like a sleeping bag, stopping to smooth out the fabric. When you reach the halfway point, do the same folds from the opposite side. Fold one side over the other when they meet and smooth out the fabric. Bring one end of the cover to the other, as you would when hanging a towel. Starting at the fold, tightly roll up the cover, pressing out air as you go. 

Contact ShoreMaster to Select Your Boat Canopy Cover

Ready to find the perfect canopy for your boat lift? Contact us today to explore our extensive range of canopy cover options. Our local dealers can assist you in selecting the ideal canopy to suit your boat’s needs, ensuring superior protection and preservation.