Posted on April 25, 2019

New Product: Dockside Firetable

New Product: Dockside Firetable

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

A well-designed dock performs well, looks beautiful, and makes your summer waterfront experience unforgettable. ShoreMaster has a unique and high-quality dock accessory to enhance the look and functionality of your dock, no matter what you do on the water. One of the latest additions to the ShoreMaster collection, with the help of Homecrest Outdoor Living, is one that no summer evening would be complete without a dockside fire table. Here’s what this unique option can bring to your dock.

Next-Level Outdoor Comfort

There’s nothing like an evening of sitting down by a warm, crackling fire after a day of cooling off by the water, and this dock-mounted fire table is the perfect way to get dockside comfort. At a height of 24.5 inches, and a width and length of 30 inches, this table is a good size for your outdoor activities. This fire table comes standard with a 20-inch round, 60,000 BTU stainless steel black powder-coated burner. It also includes an external key valve, match-throw ignition, natural gas orifice, and a black ¾-inch burner riser. All of this and the 20 pounds of fire jewelry means that you can quickly set up and get cozy without having to worry about the details.

Quality Construction

Fun boat dock accessories are great, but so is quality, and we wouldn’t offer this fire table if it didn’t meet the quality and performance standards that our customers have trusted for years. The dockside fire table has an all-aluminum construction, which means you can trust it to keep performing and looking good season after season, no matter what the elements have in store. And, as a Minnesota company with distributors all over the United States, we’re particularly proud that this quality dockside option is American-made.

Easy Installation and Customization

Your dock is your outdoor space, and it should reflect your aesthetics while performing beautifully. The dockside fire table comes in two finish options, hickory or white, to help coordinate with your dock furniture. The dockside fire table is also built to work with the ShoreMaster Infinity dock systems, which means maximum customization potential. With one InfinityTrack bracket, you can position this dock accessory anywhere along the perimeter of your dock system.

Like all ShoreMaster Infinity dock accessories, if your needs change, your dock accessory placement can as well. Just move your dockside fire table along the perimeter of your dock system easily to accommodate your new furniture or even just because you need a change. Instructions are available for all ShoreMaster dock accessories, and our customer support team can help you with your installation questions as well.

Fun Boat Dock Accessories from ShoreMaster

The new dockside fire table from ShoreMaster and Homecrest is just one of the accessory options available to ShoreMaster dock owners. A fire table is the perfect complement for any set of dock furniture and the perfect way to end an evening on the water. To get started on your dock plans, or to ask any installation questions, contact ShoreMaster or a ShoreMaster dealer near you.


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