Posted on September 22, 2018

Floating Dock Plans: What to consider for your Floating Dock Design

Floating Dock Plans: What You Should Know

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

You’ve heard the murmurs and groans about boat dock maintenance… inspecting and replacing parts, staining wood, and so on. Maybe you’ve even experienced the burden, but didn’t know there was another option. That’s where floating docks come in!

Floating docks can revive your waterfront lifestyle! They offer a low maintenance alternative to fixed dock systems. They’re easy to install, durable, and adjustable for different water levels based on tides, weather, or seasonal variations. Whether you need a dock put in very deep water, or just in a spot with fluctuating water levels, floating docks are the solution. Plus, they can be configured into a variety of shapes based on your floating dock plans and space.

A floating boat dock offers performance and aesthetics, as well as ease of ownership. It will check all of your boxes in terms of dock needs, and then exceed your expectations with superior stability and endless configurability options. So, which floating dock shape is right for you? That depends on how you plan to use your dock, and where it will be installed.

We outline some of the popular floating dock plans below, including the shapes and benefits.

A few of the common floating dock shapes include:

Conventional floating boat dock – This straight dock is simple and cost effective, and allows for multiple mooring locations. It can be customized based on how long you want it to be.

L-shaped floating dock – Offering space for multiple watercrafts, such as a boat and jet ski, this dock shape can be altered with different length variations.

T-shaped floating dock – This shape provides more space for loading and unloading boat passengers. In smaller bodies of water, it is a shorter T-shape with one big mooring location in front and protected spots for items like canoes. In other scenarios, it can be extended farther out and two boats can be docked within the “T.”

U-shaped floating dock – Offering even more protection, a U-shaped floating dock guards boats on both sides while still offering ease of use. It also provides more dock space for items such as a bench or watersport rack.

Once you’ve solidified your floating dock plans, you can start looking at fun boat dock accessories. ShoreMaster carries a range of boat dock accessories, from dock furniture and solar lights to paddleboard racks, and a fishing rod holder. View more here to take your dock up a notch and start living your waterfront life to the fullest!

ShoreMaster has premium floating docks with a variety of configurability options thanks to our QuickConnect frame system. All of our boat docks have precision-welded construction, superior craftsmanship, and distinctive designs. To learn more about ShoreMaster, or to discuss your dock plans with one of our expert team members, contact us online here.


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