Posted on February 11, 2021

Boat Dock Life: How To Get the Most Out of Your Boat Dock in the First Year

How To Get the Most Out of Your Dock in the First Year

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

A new boating season means an opportunity to set up a new aluminum boat dock. Setting up a new dock system doesn’t mean that you have to have everything figured out the first year, though—as long as you have a high-quality base to work off of, you can enjoy your time on the water, figure out what you want and need, and build your ultimate dock from there. 

Thousands of waterfront property owners choose the ShoreMaster-exclusive Infinity RS4 Sectional Dock. These are the qualities that make even a very simple set-up optimal for your first year.

TS9 Dock underside.jpg

Easy Set-Up

ShoreMaster’s docks are built from lightweight aluminum with welded construction. This makes setting up and tearing down your dock system every season easier and allows you to get back on the water sooner and with less frustration. ShoreMaster’s QC system makes connecting dock modules a tool-free, hassle-free snap, and our InfinityTrack accessories are just as easy to install and remove. It’s also easy to change around your dock system once it’s already set up because you’re not locked into one configuration if your needs change. Whether you want to add accessories, move modules around, or add something new as the years go on, Infinity RS4 is a great starting point for your waterfront system.

Options Right from the Beginning

With ShoreMaster docks, you don’t have to settle for something bland for your first dock—your system should work for you from the very beginning and be adaptable. Everything about the Infinity RS4 Dock System is customizable, from the frames to the accessory options. Our QC frame assembly means you don’t have to drill holes to connect sections, even if your set-up changes or grows. Dock sections are available in 4- or 6-foot widths and in lengths up to 12 feet, and we carry 45- and 90-degree curve sections for further configurability options. Our panels have nine premium dock decking options and an array of InfinityTrack-compatible accessories for nearly unlimited layout options—even if you change your mind about your look the next time you set up.

High-Quality Construction

Premium materials and construction mean a stable dock system right away. Infinity RS4 Sectional Docks have 5-sided dock legs with 18-inch leg pockets that provide three points of stability and safety. All-aluminum construction means durability in all kinds of conditions, meaning that your Infinity RS4 Dock System will last season after season right from the beginning. Add some high-quality ShoreMaster accessories, and you’re all set with a dock system that lasts as long as you need it to, no matter how many changes you make.

Get Your Sectional Dock Started

ShoreMaster has been a waterfront industry leader for decades, thanks to our expertise and customer support. Whether you’re a first-time dock owner or a repeat customer, we take pride in helping you set up your dream boat dock system. Our customer support team is available to help answer your questions and offer installation advice. For more information on what will work best for your waterfront, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer. 


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