Posted on February 18, 2021

Introducing the New TRULIFT Hydraulic Lift

Introducing the New TRULIFT Hydraulic Lift

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

We love hydraulic boat lifts at ShoreMaster. They’re simple to own and operate, very quiet, and faster than hand-operated or motorized boat lift options. As efficient and effective as hydraulic lifts are, we wouldn’t be ShoreMaster if we didn’t find a way to innovate and improve on an already great concept. We’re proud to introduce the TRULIFT Hydraulic System to the ShoreMaster family of boat lifts.

A True Hydraulic System

Some of the “hydraulic” lifts in today’s market are actually hybrid systems rather than truly hydraulic. Hybrid systems use cables that require maintenance over time, but a true hydraulic boat lift like TRULIFT has no cables or pulleys. Not only does this mean you’re spending less time and money on repairs, but TRULIFT can operate at full capacity from the lowest position, which is more than a lot of competitors can say.

New and Improved

What sets TRULIFT apart from competitors and our old hydraulic lifts is the true hydraulic system and capacity. The true hydraulic system means that TRULIFT lifts exactly what it’s supposed to without sacrificing convenience or speed—some competing lifts can only handle 75% to 80% of their listed capacity.

Another significant improvement is the lay-flat design. Larger boats and deeper hull depths can require more water to maneuver, which means that lifts can require additional water. TRULIFT addresses that by not requiring deep water to operate, which gives you more boat lift placement options and better convenience.


TRULIFT is over-engineered and over-tested to ShoreMaster standards, which means maximum reliability at 100% capacity. Here’s what you’re getting with our newest hydraulic boat lift:

  • Precision-welded construction
  • 8,000, 10,000, or 12,500-pound true capacities
  • True hydraulic design for minimal maintenance and hassle-free operation
  • A cantilever, lay-flat design perfect for shallow shorelines
  • 48” and 60” lift travel options for a variety of water depths and watercraft types
  • A 1 inch per second lifting speed
  • Included full-length vinyl bunks
  • Standard remote control operation
  • Compatibility with ShoreMaster canopy systems and accessories

ShoreMaster Hydraulic Boat Lifts

The TRULIFT Hydraulic Lift is the latest in the legacy of waterfront innovation and quality that ShoreMaster is known for. Unlike other manufacturers, we guarantee our lifts to 100% weight capacity. For more information on TRULIFT or to get advice on the waterfront solutions that would be best for your shoreline, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer today. 

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