September 21, 2023

How to Install a Boat Lift Canopy: Boat Lift Canopy Installation

How to Install a Boat Lift Canopy: Boat Lift Canopy Installation

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

You now have your boat dock and your boat lift. The next thing is ensuring that your watercraft is properly protected is a boat lift canopy and canopy frame. Proper installation of your canopy frame ensures that your canopy stays securely over your boat for optimal functionality and protection.

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How to Install a Boat Lift Canopy

Your boat lift canopy system is one of many simple waterfront solutions to protect your boat while it’s on the water’s edge. The canopy blocks the wind, precipitation, sun, and other elements that can cause damage ranging from unsightly to performance-affecting. However, this protection is only possible when the canopy frame is properly installed.

Luckily, the assembly process is very easy and straightforward for Infinity Boat Lift Systems. Almost all of our frame systems, no matter the model or size, are constructed with similar processes and tools. It’s also possible to install them with a little help. ShoreMaster has these tips and answers to your common questions to get you started.

What is a boat lift canopy frame?

A boat lift canopy frame is the structure that a canopy attaches to ensure that it stays in place and retains its shape for maximum coverage and watercraft protection. The structure of the canopy frame also gives it other functionality, like allowing rainwater to run off the sides instead of pooling on the top. The frame ensures your boat is protected from the elements while still conveniently located at the water’s edge and allows for more breathability than simply using a tarp. Even if you live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of extreme weather, it’s worth installing your boat lift canopy for that extra bit of protection that preserves your boat’s value, appearance, and performance.

What tools and materials are needed for installing a boat lift canopy frame?

Most boat lift canopy installation involves lining up parts, tightening nuts, bolts, or screws, and ensuring things are level. Much of this can be accomplished with tools that are readily available in your average toolbox. This is especially true for ShoreMaster boat lift canopy installation, which can be done with just your home’s toolbox—no cutting, drilling, or other specialized processes are involved.

How to install a boat lift canopy

The following steps are an overview of how to install a traditional canopy frame. The instructions for your specific product might vary slightly from these based on its design, size, accessories, or other features. Please follow the complete instructions included in your manual or available on our website for download. Be sure that you have everything you need before you begin the installation. Even if you’re a seasoned pro, safety is crucial. Wear protective clothing and eyewear when you’re assembling, installing, removing, or servicing your boat lift canopy frame.

  1. Place both of the frame sides with the center tubes together.
  2. While holding the frame sides together, slide one canopy frame end into the frame sides’ exposed ends. Repeat on the other side. Secure the ends.
  3. Bolt the frame sides together.
  4. If you don’t have a hydraulic boat lift, remove all weight from the lift and the caps from the boat lift uprights. Loosen the bolts and nuts holding the lift winch in place. Make a note of where they are because you’ll reattach them once the canopy legs are in place. You can skip this step if you have a hydraulic boat lift.
  5. Attach the canopy legs by sliding them into the opening in the lift uprights, ensuring that they’re set at the right height for your lift. Bolt them into place.
  6. If you have sliding canopy legs, insert a carriage bolt into the lift leg and attach it loosely with a brass nut.
  7. Slide the slotted canopy leg over the carriage bolt and tighten the nut at the right height.
  8. Place the assembled canopy frame into the U-shaped channels and slide into position.
  9. Place the canopy cover over the canopy frame. It should fit equally over the entire frame.
  10. Bolt the frame into position.
  11. Put your frame into position.
  12. Secure the cover to the frame with the bungee cords on the inside.

Can I install a boat lift canopy frame myself, or should I hire a professional?

We don’t recommend installing your boat lift canopy on your own. You’ll need the help of at least one or two other trusted adults who can help you assemble the canopy frame. Getting assistance makes DIY boat lift canopy installation possible, easier, and more fun.

However, not all of us are confident DIYers. You might be new to boat lift ownership, making this your first boat lift canopy installation. But, you may rest easier and enjoy your boat lift more if you hand the job over to professionals. ShoreMaster is prepared to help you as much or as little as you need. When it comes to your installation, all of our product instructions are available for download on our website. Our customer support team is also prepared to answer your questions. You’ll need the help of at least one or two other trusted adults who can help you assemble the canopy frame.