August 31, 2023

Hydraulic Boat Lift: What are the Benefits?

Hydraulic Boat Lift: What are the Benefits?

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

There are so many benefits to a vertical hydraulic boat lift system. A simple, fast, and quiet boat lift that’s reliable and efficient with minimal maintenance is the dream of many boat owners. A combination of a true hydraulic system and engineering by waterfront experts makes hydraulic boat lifts a standout choice for anyone investing in a high-quality lift.

Lifting your boat out of the water is one of the best ways you can protect it, making your life as a boater so much easier. Your boat can be stored right next to the water above it, so it’s not constantly taking on water. It allows you to board safely and easily. It minimizes danger from the elements as well as thieves and other boats, and the protection can save you money in the long run. You might not realize vertical hydraulic boat lifts are one of the industry’s best types of boat lifts. 

ShoreMaster Pontoon Lift with Gray Canopy Cover

What Are the Benefits of a Vertical Hydraulic Boat Lift?

We incorporated hydraulic technology into our already high-quality vertical boat lifts for three very simple reasons. 

Simplicity: Vertical hydraulic boat lifts are easier to own and operate than other vertical lift systems. True hydraulic systems don’t have pulleys or cables that need maintenance to remain in good working order. ShoreMaster’s hydraulic lift systems have remote control options that give you the power to raise and lower your boat at the touch of a button without worrying about the common wear and tear pitfalls and inconveniences of traditional vertical boat lifts.

Silence: When a traditional boat lift winch is going, it’s really hard to hear anything else above the rattling and clanking. Hydraulic boat lifts don’t have that problem: the only sound you’ll hear is a quiet hum that won’t take away from the atmosphere out on the water. When you add ShoreMaster’s exclusive Whisper Winch into the equation, your vertical hydraulic boat lift operation becomes nearly silent. As an added bonus, a quieter hydraulic boat lift is one that works smoothly and safely.

Speed: Hydraulic boat lifts can get you in and out of the water faster than any other boat lifting system on the market. Before hydraulics became a fixture in the marine marketplace, boat lift owners had to settle for lifting their boats through either manual effort or by attaching a loud, complex motor to the lift. While adding a motor adds convenience to a boat lift, especially when compared to using a hand-cranked winch, it does add more components capable of failure to the boat lift. Hydraulic lifts add the convenience that motors once did in a simpler package that’s quieter, faster, and more efficient.

How is this boat lift different from other boat lifts?

ShoreMaster added vertical hydraulic boat lifts to our product lineup in September 2000 as part of our constant innovation. Our expert engineering and over 40 years of experience in the industry have created a boat lift and features that only an industry leader could come up with.

ShoreMaster vertical hydraulic boat lifts are Bluetooth compatible out of the box with the LiftTech app, and your remote box can be mounted outside of the hydraulic box. This means operating your boat lift can be done from a mobile device at an extended remote range that other boat lifts can’t provide.

Our 6,000-pound lifts are powered by a single 12-volt DC battery, with solar options available. The hydraulic pump and cylinder come with your purchase of the lift, which means you don’t need to buy a motor: all you would need to buy are bunks, guides, and a canopy. 

ShoreMaster vertical hydraulic boat lifts are also more environmentally friendly than our competitors. The hydraulic lines on our boat lifts don’t go into the water, meaning they can’t get chewed on by wild animals or degraded by the water itself. Even if the fluid lines break, the hydraulic fluid that ShoreMaster uses is biodegradable, which means it isn’t harmful to the environment. Also, the leaks would just end up in the hydraulic box instead of the water, which keeps the water extra clean.

And finally, all of the boat dock accessories and features that you expect from ShoreMaster are part of the vertical hydraulic boat lift product line as well. The aluminum frames are completely welded, which means easier assembly and maintenance. All of the accessories currently available for vertical lifts are also available for the newer vertical hydraulic lifts, which means that you won’t need to replace any existing accessories either.

Is the vertical hydraulic boat lift easier to use?

Vertical hydraulic boat lifts are much easier to use than conventional vertical boat lifts! The key is to ensure that you’re using a true hydraulic system. Some manufacturers will claim that their “hydraulic” boat lifts are hydraulic when they actually use cables and pulleys like conventional vertical boat lift systems. A true hydraulic system won’t have cables or pulleys, which means there aren’t any common issues like jams, breakage, winding issues, or whiplash. With vertical hydraulic boat lifts, you’re also getting among the easiest operations in the industry: pushing a button on a remote sure beats manually cranking or winding a winch yourself. A hydraulic system makes a boat lift simpler than adding a motor does.

How much does a hydraulic boat lift cost?

The cost of a hydraulic boat lift depends on a lot of factors, all related to the features you need and want on your lift. Not all boat lifts are the same, and they shouldn’t be — a PWC will have different requirements than a tritoon boat, the most obvious difference being the size of each watercraft. The make, model, shape, size, and weight of the boat that you need to lift — and maybe even that of a boat you’re interested in upgrading to in the future — are going to factor into the carrying capacity and dimensions of the hydraulic lift that you ultimately end up purchasing. There might be differences in boat lift cost based on the style of lift you choose as well. The engineering requirements for floating versus standing boat lift systems will be different, which could factor into your price. Finally, any accessories you add to your boat lift system could also add up: think canopy frames and covers, bumpers and guides, and other things that are great, if not essential, to have as part of a complete waterfront system.

Higher-quality hydraulic boat lifts are going to cost more than lesser-quality models. You’re investing in better materials, like marine-grade aluminum and polyethylene, that can withstand the rigors of waterfront life. Better engineering and design work also comes along with high-quality products, and an elegant design can be durable, easy to use, and beautiful all at once. The initial sticker price might be shocking, but when you consider that a hydraulic boat lift of the highest quality can pay for itself over time, the investment is more than worth it. You should also consider that when you buy your hydraulic boat lift system through an authorized dealer, you’ll get personalized expert advice and access to warranties that make ownership easier and stress-free.

Are you ready to make your investment in your waterfront? A ShoreMaster dealer near you can help you choose the perfect hydraulic boat lift system and customize your entire waterfront to your exact needs. Our network extends all across North America. Get in touch with us online to find an authorized ShoreMaster dealer in your area.