Posted on June 3, 2021

How to Use HydroPort Epic to Enjoy Your Summer

How to Use HydroPort Epic to Enjoy Your Summer

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

No one wants to spend time doing work that could be better spent on the water. Your energy is best spent enjoying the water and not loading, unloading, and hauling your watercraft around. If you’re looking for a jet ski or PWC lift, HydroHoist is an excellent option.

HydroPort Epic is the newest and largest PWC from HydroHoist to date. It’s larger to accommodate today’s larger PWC (with an overall length of 162 inches, a width of 70 inches, and capacity of 2,000 pounds), available in three colors. It features the ease of installation, use, and high-quality design that we at ShoreMaster take pride in passing on to our customers.

Easy Installation

HydroPort Epic offers a hassle-free installation that gets you on the water faster. It comes with various anchorage and connection options, which means that it’s compatible with just about any waterfront system setup. Your HydroPort Epic can front or side mount to fixed and floating docks alike, stand on its own, or connect with other platforms like the HydroPort Extreme to support a larger fleet. A quick installation means a quick trip from the shore to the water—no hauling or launching of your PWC from a ramp necessary.

Simple to Use

This Personal Watercraft PWC lift is designed for quick and convenient dry-docking and launching. It has a drive-on, push-off design that makes getting on and off of the water quicker and easier. The intuitive design also offers better support, stability, and guidance when entering or exiting, which includes the adjustable rollers, a wider anti-skid walkway, and an “air pillow” bow stop for the safety of the PWC and rider alike.

Superior Design

The HydroPort Epic was designed from the top down to make your summer as fun as possible faster. It features high-quality materials and construction in its design, which makes it a durable investment. The body is made from tough polyethylene plastic that’s easy to clean and virtually effortless to maintain. Stainless steel roller axles offer compatibility with all water types as well as increased strength and decreased potential of damage from marine growth.

ShoreMaster Waterfront Systems

Your watercraft deserves the protection that comes from a system that’s been thought through from the construction to your summer fun. HydroPort is an industry leader in PWC crafts, and we’re proud to carry their products. ShoreMaster has been serving waterfronts in Minnesota and beyond for decades, and we’re a part of many people’s boating seasons, vacation spots, and memories. With HydroPort Epic and other boat dock accessories, you can spend more time enjoying your summer. We have a dock and lift system for virtually any waterfront or preference and can create customized options. For more information on what will work best for your unique shoreline, find a local ShoreMaster dealer. 

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