Posted on May 27, 2021

Dock Solar Power: Why You Should Use Solar Panels on Your Boat Dock

Why You Should Use Solar Panels on Your Boat Dock

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Long summer days mean a lot of waterfront activities, but some of those activities require added dock accessories and power. Dock lights and boat lifts can be electrically powered, which is convenient but might not always be safe, feasible, or preferred. More dock owners are turning to the sun to keep their sectional docks powered, even into the night, by adding solar panels.

Solar panels work by capturing solar radiation and turning it into the light. They do this by absorbing the sun’s energy during the day and storing that energy in the battery. When the solar panel no longer detects light, the battery automatically kicks on to power devices even into the night, and you stay powered until the battery runs out or the sun comes back.

Solar-powered dock features are becoming more popular, and ShoreMaster has always been a fan of innovation. We carry solar dock lights and 10-watt solar panel kits for dock owners looking for greener options. Beyond the environmental benefits, solar power is more efficient, safe, and simple than standard power options, and here’s how.

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Reducing your power bill has never been easier. As the demand for solar-powered technology increases, the technology gets more efficient and cheaper, and the savings are always worth the investment. Solar panels work in all kinds of weather conditions and temperatures, unlike electrical power sources that can fail on you or require additional maintenance or professional repairs, especially in colder weather.


Solar powered dock features are cleaner and safer for everyone to be around. Solar power reduces air and noise pollution, which leads to a cleaner, quieter, and overall better dock than electrical generators would--not only will you enjoy your waterfront more, but your neighbors will appreciate the changes. Keeping your power source directly on your dock also means fewer wires leading away from your dock. And while your dock might not seem much in terms of significant pollution reduction, any move toward solar power is great for your community, environment, and wallet in the long term.


Like all ShoreMaster boat and lift accessories, our solar-powered dock features are easy to own and install. Attaching a 10 watt solar panel to your dock requires some (included) hardware but is a very straightforward installation process. Once you’ve chosen an area for your solar panel (we recommend facing toward the midday sun but not to the north), secure it with the hose clamps or self-drilling screws. Attach the solar panel cord leads to the battery terminals and use cable ties to secure the cord to the mounting arm and lift, away from moving parts. Once they’re installed, the high-quality panels require very little maintenance, which makes long-term ownership even easier.

Solar-Powered Boat Dock Accessories

ShoreMaster has years of waterfront experience and an extensive catalog of boat dock accessories to make your boat dock fun, comfortable, and even green--and with our high-quality products and expertise, there’s no reason not to make sustainability a priority for your sectional dock. We have solar dock lights, solar panel add-ons for boat lift motors, and everything else you need to have a great summer. For more information on the options that are best for you and your water, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer.


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